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December 21, 2023

Top Ten Takeaways from Builder Town Hall 2023

Looks like Christmas came early this year! As a holiday gift and a way to celebrate a phenomenal year of Builder Town Hall, we’ve compiled our top ten takeaways from this year’s Builder Town Hall meetings. Let’s look back at these tidbits of brilliant industry insight that you can take into the new year!

1. Set Attainable Goals for Tangible Results

Goal-setting is a fantastic way to set you on a clear path toward success. With the right strategies and a clear vision the impossible suddenly becomes achievable. Promising small but delivering big, expecting obstacles, and building a strong team will all support you in your journey to success.

2. Turn Your Knowledge into Habit 

Knowledge is power, but only if you turn it into a habit. How can we turn what we learn at significant events such as IBS and various other shows and expos throughout the year into something tangible? Make the most of educational and networking spaces. Enter with a clear plan that will help direct your experience and ultimately grant you the largest return on investment. 

3. Use AI as a Support, Not a Supplement 

With the rise in prominence of this exciting new technology, it’s important to take the time to understand how it can benefit your organization. AI is a powerful tool that — if used correctly — can level up your sales and marketing game. 

4. Be Prepared for Luck to Come Your Way

Greatness isn’t defined by strokes of luck, but rather by how one is prepared for it. Leaning on your team, working above your level, and finding ways to go above and beyond will ultimately turn luck into success. 

5. Use Email to Hook Your Leads 

Quality communication is key! In a constant sea of emails, it’s important to stand out. By focusing your subject line, individualizing your approach, and incorporating video, you are sure to hook your leads and transform them into sales. 

6. Combine Sales and Marketing Forces

Sales and marketing is a team sport! In order to succeed most effectively and efficiently, all your forces must work together. Utilizing tools, strategies, and clear communication will ultimately benefit your entire organization. 

7. Face Change Head-On

We are all familiar with that uncomfortable twist of uncertainty in our stomachs whenever we have to change. But with the power of teamwork, education, and mentorship from other experts, change becomes much more manageable. With these tools at our disposal, change can push your organization forward and help you stand out among the competition. 

8. Don’t let your Q4 Go to Waste

Take advantage of the end of the year. Use the final months to put your nose to the grindstone. Prioritize tasks you have been putting off and end the year with a bang!

9. Use Digital Tools to Assess the Market 

Don’t play an unnecessary guessing game. With so much technology at our fingertips, we must use the available tools to give ourselves an edge and take the market by storm. 

10. Don’t Break the Bank to Generate Leads

Lead generation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Understanding your website traffic, focusing your marketing approach, and leaning on your CRM can kickstart your lead generation and breathe life back into your sales. 

Thank you for another fantastic year of Builder Town Hall. We are so grateful to our outstanding panelists and loyal listeners for elevating the energy and taking Builder Town Hall to the next level. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Register now to join us on January 5 for more incredible industry insight. In the meantime, be sure to join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going!

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