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January 26, 2023

Shattering the Cycle: The Secrets to Attainable Sustainable Goal Setting

For years, we have started off the first of January as hopeful visionaries with a boastful list of goals to accomplish in the next 365 days. Yet, for years, we have also let the ball drop long before midnight of the New Year. On average, 54% of people completely abandon their goals a mid-year, and only a shocking 9% of people see their goals to the end. 

This dangerous cycle has led to an entirely new phenomenon: the acceptance of inevitable failure manifesting into a lack of setting goals altogether. The desire to create a plan for our year has become infinitely less enticing simply because we have decided that we will fail before we even begin. 

But if you don’t show up for yourself, who will?

As we dive deeper into 2023, it’s time to grab this year by the horns and set yourself back on the path toward a better, happier, more wholesome you! 

Check out these 7 tips for setting attainable, sustainable goals. 

Elevate Your Goals to a Promise

One of the most critical factors in determining success within goals is commitment: both to the goal and to yourself, when you change your thought process surrounding your goals from a want to a promise, the stakes of commitment increase exponentially.

Now, straying from the path holds much more weight. It means breaking a promise to yourself. And what do you have if you can’t trust yourself? 

Elevating the language, you use when reflecting on your goals ultimately increases the chances that you will maintain them, boosting your confidence and trust in your ability to do so. 

Promise Small, Deliver Big 

All too often, when it comes to goal setting, we bite off more than we can chew. We encounter an all-or-nothing mindset that results in a monstrously unattainable list of goals. 

This year, scale down your goals into more manageable pieces that pack a punch! Assess each step and consider what you will and won’t do to make it happen. Understanding your goal from all angles will help you deliver big when it counts the most. 

Identify the Outcome, Promise on Behavior

Ah, the end product. That big, shiny trophy that sits in wait, glistening on the other side of the finish line. Though it’s important to remember what we’re working toward, we cannot let it distract us from the hard work it takes to get there. 

To win the trophy, you have to run the race. 

You can make promises to yourself that include the behaviors and habits it takes to succeed. Whether that’s calling a certain number of people throughout the day to increase your sales numbers or setting out workout clothes before bed so you make it to the gym every morning, it’s imperative to define how each step can get you closer to crossing that finish line.

Expect Obstacles

You’re going to make excuses. You’re going to experience delays. You will face discomfort, pushback, and the unexpected chaos of the world around us. But you want to know the secret to make it through it all?

Expect it.

When you expect obstacles, it’s much easier to formulate a plan to overcome them. Take a moment to be brutally honest with yourself about what could hold you back. Then determine steps that could mitigate their impact on your success. 

Feed Yourself 

The road to success is long and tiresome. If you don’t pack snacks for the journey, you’ll never reach the end. Find ways to reward yourself along the way. Fuel your fire with inspiring books, resources, and people. Create checkpoints and reward yourself for the little victories. 

You’re accountable for your own outcome. So why wouldn’t you pack to accommodate the adventure?

Forgive Yourself 

Only some days are going to go according to plan. Some days, the little voice in the back of your head will win out. You’ll find yourself slipping back into old habits or making excuses that can’t be overcome with reason. 

And that’s okay. 

Humans are innately imperfect. That’s what makes us so interesting! Remember to be compassionate with yourself. Don’t let one wrong turn completely deter you from your path. Forgive yourself and trust that you can get back on track. 

Bring a Team With You

The journey of life is abundantly more difficult to go through alone. So identify a circle of people who you can trust to help you along the way. Share your goals with those closest to you and hold each other accountable. As we hike down this path, it’s important to remember that you can let somebody else help you with your baggage every once in a while. 

This is the year that we break the cycle of giving up. Long gone are the years of abandoning the development of self. Join us as we begin this journey together toward finishing what we started. 

Do you think there’s a good first step? Register today for our next Builder Town Hall on February 10! In the meantime, join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group to share your goals with us! 

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