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March 13, 2023

Turn Your Knowledge Into Habit: Improve Your Return On Investment from Builders’ Show


Wow! What a year for the International Builders’ Show (IBS). The energy was electric. The knowledge was ripe and ready for the picking. And the people, as always, were hungry to learn. With 200,000 people in attendance throughout the weeks’ five different expositions, there was a comforting sense of reunion after being apart for so long. 

When we returned to our day-to-day lives at the event’s conclusion, we inevitably entered the space with many new, fresh ideas and a promise to apply what we’ve learned to our practices. 

Now, just over a month later, how have we held up our end of the bargain? 

Knowledge is power, but only if you turn it into a habit. So how can we turn what we learn at significant events such as IBS and various other shows and expos throughout the year into something tangible? Take a look at these expert tips on how to get the greatest bang for your buck. 

Go In With a Goal

Builder shows are a flurry of networking, booth exploration, events, and presentations. Going in without a goal would be like going on a road trip without a map: You’ll probably make it to your destination, but you’ll indeed get lost along the way. 

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the show. Set your “why” to create a clear intention. Then, as you go through the event, check in with this why and actively ask yourself what you’re learning at each presentation.

Recap and Reorganize

Often when we come home from a big conference, our notebooks are a mess of scribbled-down quotes, our phones are filled with pictures of presentation slides, and our brains are chock-full of priceless aha moments. 

It is imperative to take this massive net of excitement and big ideas and consolidate it into something you can use. When you return, schedule a meeting with yourself for 30-45 minutes to get organized. Then, put it on your calendar as you would with any other client meeting! 

Create an album on your phone for your pictures of presentation slides. Go through your notes and organize them into three categories: immediate actions, reminders, and ideas for group discussions. Then, you can create a clear plan for incorporating this new information into your practices. 

To-Dos and To Don’ts

Once you’re finished sifting through the information, it’s imperative to make a clear, written-out list of your to-dos and to-don’ts. Keep your goals on things you’ll start and stop doing simple and attainable. Schedule times throughout the next few months to check in and ensure you stay on track. 

Don’t Try to Change Everything, Everywhere, All at Once!

So much new information from so many new avenues can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for those who weren’t there to experience the builder show themselves! Be sure not to overwhelm yourself and your team with an overly ambitious agenda. Keep your goals simple and attainable, so you can gradually build them into your everyday practices.

Remember! Business growth is a more than one size fits all situation. Only some things you learned at the show will apply to you and your team. So be sure to present information and new techniques that apply to your current practices and people.  

Get ‘Em in the Loop!

Unfortunately, not everyone can experience the energy of these shows for themselves, but that shouldn’t mean they can’t reap the benefits! Be sure you make the information as accessible as possible to each team member. 

Thankfully, sessions are often recorded and made available online. Use these recordings to your advantage. Incorporate them into meetings. Ask your team to watch a session and share their greatest aha moments. Take the time in these discussions to fill in their blanks so you all can be on the same page. 

After all, a team that learns together grows together!

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

These shows are a BIG investment. The person who made your attendance possible trusted in YOU to make the most of it! Be sure you take the time to thank them for providing you the opportunity. Write a meaningful thank you note, email, or video message to ensure they know how grateful you are!

Don’t let those precious moments go to waste. These practices are a fantastic way to improve your return on investment from any builder education event you attend. Turn your knowledge into habit and your habit into success each time you go! 

Like what you see? Join us for more incredible insight at our next Builder Town Hall! Register today for our next session on April 14. In the meantime, join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going!

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