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November 29, 2023

How to Kickstart Your Lead Generation 

We’ve all been there. One day you’re selling homes so fast you can hardly keep up and the next, the phones lay silent, chat rooms stay empty, and no matter what you do, it seems that nobody wants to buy a home. 

So, what do we do when our sales landscape turns into a dusty old ghost town? 

In this article, we’ll discuss cost-effective, easy solutions that can kickstart your lead generation and breathe life back into your sales.  

Ask Questions

Too often we fall victim to the trap of assumption. When something isn’t quite working the way we want it to — sales are slow, inventory isn’t moving, leads aren’t converting — we are quick to assume the cause, rather than taking a moment to really dig to the root. Instead of immediately placing blame, work with your team to ask strategic questions such as: 

  • Who are you trying to sell to?
  • Why should they buy a home from you?
  • What makes your home unique?
  • What is your buyer looking for and how are you meeting those needs?

Answering these questions will provide valuable insight that can direct your sales and marketing approach. 

Turn to Your CRM

Rather than spending precious time, resources, and money digging for shiny new leads, take a moment to assess the goldmine that sits within your database. If your sales aren’t what you want them to be, break down your online sales process to identify opportunities for improvement.

Your CRM offers you the ability to personalize your marketing approach for a variety of leads. With this tool, you can ensure that each potential buyer is receiving the proper amount of attention and care to progress them through the sales funnel. 

Website Traffic

Another assumption we are too quick to make is that our website traffic has dropped. Before jumping to this conclusion, it’s important to take a deeper look at the numbers. 

  • What percentage of visits result in engaged sessions (more than 10 seconds spent on the page and/or the visitor interacted with the page in some way)?
  • How long are your visitors spending on each page?
  • What percentage of these visits has converted into some form of contact?

Upon analyzing this data we gain a better understanding of how our website is being interacted with, thus providing insight into how we can keep more visitors engaged and interested in buying a home. 

Digital Experience

We aren’t just selling homes, we’re selling experiences. If your website interface is choppy and confusing, it’s likely the potential buyer will become frustrated and exit the website before learning about all you have to offer. In order to improve your engagement and drive those visitors toward homeownership, your sales process must be absolutely seamless. 

An easily navigable website is quintessential in presenting clear information about your product. Each page should be focused and detailed, and provide the best possible digital experience. Be sure to include detail pages for each individual home that include the price point, location, and information about the floor plan. All pages should include quality, emotion-evoking images that brilliantly highlight your homes and encourage visitors to picture themselves living in them. 

Asking the right questions and leveraging your tools can help you unlock valuable insights that will transform your approach to sales and marketing. This informed strategy will help to keep your leads flowing and your business booming. 

Want even more industry insight? Tune in to our next segment of Builder Town Hall on December 1 where we will discuss how to sharpen your social media presence. In the meantime, be sure to join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going! 



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