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March 21, 2023

What Can AI Do For YOU

It seems like everyone who’s anyone is talking about AI. Whether it’s whisperings in the halls at The International Builders’ Show or scrolling through articles upon articles on Facebook feeds, this new technology is the talk of sales and marketing professionals all over the world.  

So, what’s with all the hubbub? 

AI—or artificial intelligence—has been around for years. However, more and more programs have been made available in the past few months. These tools allow users to fill gaps in their organization and support improvement. 

Let’s take a look at what AI can do for your organization. 

Brainstorm Ideas

Writer’s block is the thief of productivity. AI technology allows you to surpass this age-old obstacle. Whether you’re looking for topic ideas, headlines, calls to action, talking points for a presentation, or keywords, AI has you covered. Simply input a prompt, and a list of answers will appear in seconds. 

With the help of this small but mighty tool, you’ll be able to save time and access newer, fresher ideas that will help give your content a leg up. 

Research and Curate

Think of the internet as a massive library filled with infinite books and information. In this scenario, Google search is synonymous with a librarian. These results tell you which section of the library would be most helpful. On the other hand, AI takes it a step further. Rather than simply pointing you in the right direction, AI provides an in-depth, consolidated summary of precisely what you’re looking for. 

Generate New Content

From copy for sales emails to posts for social media, AI can generate paragraphs of content from a single prompt. While this is an effective way to save time and freshen up your written materials, this content should only be used as a rough draft. It is imperative for you to continue to use the work of a professional copywriter. 

Though AI-created content is well-composed, it needs the subtle, emotional nuances of human touch. A professional copywriter can proofread and edit the content to ensure that it aligns with your company’s voice. 

Yes, this all can be extremely overwhelming, which is why taking the time to understand AI is so important. This tool is on track to becoming an integral asset of success in marketing and sales. Awareness is the first step to staying ahead of the curve and paving the path to success for your organization.  

Meredith’s AI Resource List

Meredith shared this list of resources during a recent Builder Town Hall focused on AI Tools. You can watch the Town Hall replay here and/or listen to the replay here.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Builder Town Hall!  So mark your calendar and register today for our session on April 14. In the meantime, join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going! 

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