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September 5, 2023

Listen To Your Coxswain and Row Together

The summer isn’t over yet, and lucky for you, neither is the opportunity for adventure. The August Builder Town Hall throws it back to the good ol’ days of summer camp. So grab your bucket hat, slather on your sunscreen, and prepare for a summer full of industry insight you’ll never forget!

To kick off camp, we’re braving the waters of sales and marketing (SMarketing, if you will) on an exhilarating rowing adventure. Guided by the lovely Angela McKay of O’Neil Interactive (camper name: Sunshine), this activity will put your collaboration skills to the test. 

Join us on the journey toward sales and marketing alignment.

Cast Off!

Close your eyes and imagine an eight-person coxswain on the water. Picture the graceful gliding of the paddles. The perfection. The orchestrated rhythm. 

This is the synchronization you should command from within your sales and marketing teams. Every team member needs to be on the same page. Only then can they dip their oar in the water simultaneously to forge ahead the entire unit.

Unfortunately, unexpected obstacles often cross our path: lack of visibility, communication, and understanding create hazardous conditions.

So, how can you find this balance and harmony within your organization?


Preparation breeds success. In any athletic event, each team member must show up to the season in tip-top shape. When the individuals bring their A-game, the entire team rises together. 

This kind of preparation comes from a professional development standpoint in sales and marketing terms. As SMarketers, we must show up with an open, collaborative mind and a willingness to learn new skills. 


To create a successful team, you need the correct tools. Your social media, CRM, website, and chat tools will help launch your team toward success.

But what good is an oar if you’re holding it incorrectly?

Tools can only go so far if you don’t know how to use them. Support your team members by ensuring they know how to use every piece of equipment. Whether you provide training or create a safe, question-friendly space, your team’s adeptness could be the difference between runner-up and first place. 


A team is only as good as their game plan. Get everybody on the same page. Meet regularly to discuss needs, initiatives, and areas where one team can better support the other. 

During your strategy meeting, it’s important to remember what’s most important: turning a lead into a buyer. Learn the ins and outs of your prospective buyers’ minds and consider how you can improve your game plan to meet their needs. 

Check the Weather Conditions

Though your team may be strong, and each oar strokes mighty, your boat won’t go anywhere if you don’t account for the weather!

This is where data comes in. It’s imperative that both sales and marketing utilize CRM tools to produce accurate data that can verify if you’re headed in the right direction. Understanding these numbers also helps you prepare for any potentially hazardous conditions ahead. 

Adoring Fans

One of the primary keys to success is those who support you along the way. Your fans–outside realtors, past buyers, referrers–keep you afloat on the race’s final leg. 

When you have a community cheering you on, success is so much more feasible. Be sure you’re fostering an environment that uplifts others as you row onward. 

Finish Line

The most important thing to remember is that rowing is a team sport: sales and marketing is a team sport. One part of the team can only succeed with the other. 

The adventure ahead is much more attainable when you have a team on your side. Lift and propel each other forward until you cross the finish line together. 

Thank you for coming along on this incredible adventure. We can’t wait to see you at our next Builder Town Hall on September 8. Please register today and be sure to join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going!  

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