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Successful Marketing For Homebuilders Begins With These Three Actions

When you’re in the business of homebuilding, the land procurement and home construction side of the business often takes precedence. Creating beautiful new homes takes a lot of hard work, after all! And ensuring that all of the details are...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

Five Social Media Tips for Homebuilders

Social media is one of the best ways to reach potential home buyers. Facebook alone has millions of users. Effective social media posts help drive the right people to your website, and ultimately to taking a tour and, hopefully, buying...


What is a hashtag and how does it help my rankings?

Hashtags – keywords or phrases with the prefix “#” in front of them, without any spaces – are literally everywhere. Sometimes mashed together, sometimes independent, you can find them on any social media site and very frequently in conjunction with...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

#WhatWeDo Wednesdays – Move Up America

  Written by Meredith Oliver For this week’s #WhatWeDo Wednesdays post, I’m super excited to introduce Move-Up America to the Creating WOW blog audience. Move-Up America sponsored the Rock Your Sales Rally in Austin, TX and is one of the...


#WhatWeDo Wednesdays – Success Strategies

  Written by Meredith Oliver It is truly a pleasure to feature Jane Meagher of Success Strategies in this week’s #WhatWeDo Wednesday’s column. Jane and I have been running in the same circles (but in opposite directions) for many years...

Social Media

Are You a Social Media Flasher?

Written by Meredith Oliver With your left hand firmly placed in your iPhone, raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I do solemnly swear effective immediately to stop overexposing myself on social media.” With so many individuals and businesses using...

FANtastic Selling Tips

2010 Super Sales Rally: Walk This Way, Talk This Way

Written by Meredith Oliver This year’s Super Sales Rally is going to be different. >You are going to hear brand new material. >You are going to laugh while you learn. >You are going to have a blast! If you are attending...

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Content Marketing

Think You Aren’t Familiar With Content Marketing? Think Again.

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 promoted by the ALS Association? Then you are familiar with content marketing. As you probably recall, nominated participants dumped a bucket of ice water on their heads and then nominated a...


Why Search Intent Matters For Your Home Building Business

Before we dive too deep into this topic, let’s start with an easy-to-understand explanation: Search intent is the motivation that a person has when they enter their search terms into a search engine. They’re looking to build a new home...


Nope! You Actually CAN’T Advertise That.

You’ve probably heard all about online advertising. And chances are you’ve been the target of some of it, too. But did you know that there are some things that can’t be advertised on social media? This always comes as a...


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