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May 30, 2024

How to Attain and Maintain a Creative Marketing Strategy: May 2024 BTH Recap


In the buzz of today’s busy market, adding fun to your marketing can be the key to setting your brand apart. From a dash of humor to a pinch of warmth to a sprinkle of humanity, a creative mindset can catapult your organization to the next level.  

But here’s the thing— this sort of practice doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It goes beyond tossing a funny joke into a Facebook post every now and then. Creativity takes active effort, attention to detail, and an energized, passionate culture among your team.

With a little help from Alyssa Titus of Schell Brothers Homes, we have compiled a comprehensive list of what must be done in order to attain and maintain creativity and fun in every aspect of your marketing strategy. Read on to check out our ten tips and tricks to elevate your fun factor!

Don’t Listen to Your Limiting Beliefs 

We all have the voice in our head that whispers self-deprecation into our ears: “I’m not creative enough,” “I’m not funny enough,” “Well, I’ll never come up with an idea like that!” Rather than falling victim to our own thoughts, we must change the false narrative we tell ourselves. Enter into a mindset of growth and learning with thoughts like “I’m learning to become…” and watch your creative journey take flight!

Be Patient

A creative practice doesn’t happen overnight! Like any other skill, it’s one you must learn through trial and error. Consume content from creators you admire. Take courses that are out of your comfort zone. Take risks and learn from them! Be patient with yourself as you fine-tune this new and exciting skill. 

Know (and Trust) Your Process

The exciting thing about your creative process is that it is entirely and uniquely yours! Everybody has different needs to access their inner-genius. What’s important is that you define exactly what those needs are. Do you like to be surrounded by others? Or do you work better in absolute solitude? Do you need a lot of time to let your ideas simmer? Or do ideas come more freely when you’re under pressure? Define your process and trust that it will provide the results you need. 

Supercharge with AI 

It’s not unusual to get stuck in your head. Whether you can’t think of a new angle or find yourself using the same list of 15 or so words in all your materials, it’s time to outsource your inspiration. Lean on the power of AI to help get the creative juices flowing again. These tools can provide you access to a world of inspiration that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.  

Keep Track of Your Ideas

Inspiration can strike at any moment! Too often we unlock ideas, solutions, and kernels of genius and forget them later on. No matter how big or small the idea is, be sure you document it in a way that works for you! Whether you jot them down in a journal, enter them into your notes app on your phone, or leave yourself a voice memo, these small kernels can grow into huge ideas. 

Do the Opposite

In general, our first five ideas are relatively standard. Go against the grain! Push yourself to think beyond your first impulse. Take a look at your initial ideas and do the exact opposite. This method will open up opportunities you never deemed possible. 

Know Your Demographic 

You can’t provide for your consumers unless you know what they want. In understanding the wants, needs, impulses, and biases of your demographic, you’ll unlock a cornucopia of inspiration. What medium are they drawn to? What are they lacking? What are they craving? Creativity exists within the questions you pose. 

Stay on Track 

More ideas create more work. Instead of getting lost in the excitement of new possibilities, be sure you have systems in place to manage your brainstorms! Whether that’s a physical journal or a digital project management program like Basecamp, staying organized will help you yield the best results!

Lean on Your Team 

Two heads are better than one! And lots of heads are better than two! Have frequent brainstorming sessions with your team. Bounce ideas off each other and see how far they go! Funnel your brain power into elevating the creativity of your entire organization. 

ALWAYS Be Looking 

Inspiration exists all around us, you just have to look for it! Don’t miss out on your next big idea. Keep your creative brain on and have a pen on hand to document when your genius strikes!

Can’t get enough of all this incredible industry insight? Join us at our next Builder Town Hall on June 7 at 12pm EDT! Register now to secure your spot for our next installation: Enhance Your Fun Factor. In the meantime, be sure to join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going!

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