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October 31, 2023

2023 Builder Town Hall Recordings

What a year for Builder Town Hall! We are so grateful to our outstanding panelists and loyal listeners for elevating the energy and taking Builder Town Hall to the next level. This year has been filled with incredible industry insight, positive energy, and plenty of smiles, from AI to conversational tips and tricks to an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview. 

Want to join in on the fun? Look back at this year’s collection of Builder Town Hall episodes. 

December 2023

Audio-Only: https://soundcloud.com/meredith-comms/dec-2023-bth

Video: https://mcomm.cc/dec-2023-bth

November 2023

Meredith and Angela take a deep dive into “Revive Stalled Lead Generation” Part II. There isn’t a wasted minute in this episode, so grab your pencil or prepare to type as fast as possible. Lead-generation ideas are flying out of the screen at lightning pace!

Audio-Only: https://mcomm.cc/NOV23BTH-audio

Video: https://mcomm.cc/NOV23BTH

October 2023

We partnered with the NAHB/IBS Free Webinar Series for the October Town Hall to deliver “Revive Stalled Lead Generation.” Matt Riley served as our featured guest, dishing the dirt on how his building company, New Home Inc., keeps leads flowing all year (and in any market) long. The 30-minute webinar went by so fast, and we were getting to the good stuff when the time was up! The November Town Hall goes in for a deep dive on the same topic with Part II of Revive Stalled Lead Generation with Strategic Sales and Marketing. The webinar video is posted on the NAHB website at the link below.


September 2023

In this installment, we discuss how to finish 2023 STRONG! With insight from our Featured Panelists, Alisa Poncher and Erin Mayhugh, this month is filled with knowledge, positive energy, and authenticity.

Audio-Only: https://mcomm.cc/SEPT23BTH-audio

Video: https://mcomm.cc/SEPT23BTH-video  

August 2023

Welcome to Builder Town Hall: Summer Camp Edition! Join Kerry Mulcrone (camper name The GOAT), Angela McKay (camper name Sunshine), and Meredith Oliver (camper name Hawkeye) for an adventurous dive into the world of sales and marketing.

Audio-Only: https://mcomm.cc/Aug23BTH-audio

Video: https://mcomm.cc/Aug23BTH

June 2023

Join us for a discussion about the art of better conversations. Special Guest and conversation expert Patti DeNucci gave us excellent tips and takeaways on beginning, continuing, and ending conversations that don’t serve us.

Audio-Only: https://mcomm.cc/June23AudioOnly

Video: https://mcomm.cc/BTHJune2023

May 2023

Wow! What a phenomenal lineup of panelists! Tune in for a discussion with Angela McKay, Kerry Mulcrone, Dave Betcher, and Shazana Haney of Dream Finder Homes. Join us for Dave’s deep dive on analytics and Shazana’s experience with online sales, PLUS Kerry’s and Angela’s practical advice on implementing and leading these issues.

Audio-Only: https://bit.ly/May2023BTH

Video: https://bit.ly/3FAz8kx 

April 2023

This installation features a dynamite interview with Laura Ortez Ownbey of Landmark Homes, sharing behind-the-scenes stories of building the homes for HGTV’s #1 Show, Rock The Block. Get the inside scoop on her experience in the limelight!

Audio-Only: https://bit.ly/April2023BTH

Video: https://bit.ly/April2023BTH-Video 

March 2023

Learn more about AI tools and the future of sales and marketing with Featured Panelists Kevin Weitzel, Angela McKay, and Kerry Mulcrone. Join us as we dive into several AI tools for sales specialists, online sales specialists, and marketing professionals like ChatGPT, Kronologic, Synthesia, DALL-E, and many more!

Audio-Only: https://bit.ly/March2023BTH

Video: https://bit.ly/March2023BTH-Video 

February 2023

Love is in the air — especially for our industry and customers! Featuring Erin Hurley of Lita Dirks & Co, Reyna Estrada of M/I Homes, and Rob Krohn of Epcon Communities, we debrief our favorite moments and learning points from the 2023 International Builders Show.  

Audio-Only: https://mcomm.cc/BTH_Audio_2-23

Video: https://mcomm.cc/BTH_Feb23

January 2023

You can learn more about the importance of follow-through. In this installation of Builder Town Hall, we discuss interest rates, home prices for 2023, and how to be a good leader in a bad economy. 

Audio-Only: https://mcomm.cc/BTH_Audio_1-23

Video: https://mcomm.cc/BTHjan23

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