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April 12, 2023

How To Get the Most Out of ChatGPT

These days you can’t seem to escape the conversation about Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps one of the most popular talking points involves a particular program named ChatGPT

This program, developed by OpenAI, utilizes user-created prompts to generate written content. From topic ideas to headlines to social media content, ChatGPT can perform an abundance of writing tasks. 

However, your approach can significantly affect your results like any other tool. Check out these hot tips and tricks to get the most out of ChatGPT!

Refine Your Prompts 

The essential step of utilizing ChatGPT is understanding how to write effective prompts. The content that ChatGPT generates largely depends on the information and context you provide.

Like SEO, how to string words and phrases together impacts your results. Like any other skill, prompting AI requires trial and error. Please practice specificity and phrasing to create content that benefits you the most. 

Proof, Edit, Proof!

ChatGPT is not a replacement for a professional copywriter. Instead, it acts as a tool. Like how one might use a drill instead of a screwdriver, ChatGPT can provide support to allow your copywriter to complete specific tasks more efficiently. 

Using a trained, professional eye to proof and edit the ChatGPT-generated content is very important. Without a human touch, the content can come across cold and generic. In addition, the proofing process will allow you to personalize your results to match your company’s voice. 

Ask and Ask Again 

If, at first, you fail, try again. The first answer is only sometimes the best answer. If you aren’t pleased with your results upon the initial generation, reconfigure your prompt and rerun ChatGPT. Again, like any other new skill, AI is only mastered through practice, practice, practice!

Refine Your Selection 

On a broader scale, not every AI will work for your business. Be sure you choose an AI that will integrate smoothly into your pre-existing processes and strengths. Like a pair of shoes, if it doesn’t fit, you’ll never wear them! Before you select an AI program, take a moment to discover what strengths you fortify and what weaknesses you can support through a tool such as ChatGPT. 

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