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December 21, 2023

December 2023 Builder Town Hall Recap

Q&A with Aleena Qureshi

Name: Aleena Qureshi

Title: Real Estate Agent with The Jim Allen Group, Coldwell Banker, HPW

Social Media: @aleenarealtor Facebook: Aleena Qureshi

Q: What drew you toward pursuing a career in social media? 

A: Social media is something that I grew up with. But I also took it very seriously as I studied it, got to intern, and realized it would stick around. I quickly realized that people, companies, individuals, and contractors use social media tools and marketing to run their businesses and get more exposure and awareness. And ultimately, what do we want? We want sales and conversion. And that’s exactly what social media can do for you over time if you’re committed to it. I believe, sincerely, it is a factor of your business that should be taken seriously.

Q: It seems like you post about every day, and you’ve got this real mix of your content. So, let’s discuss your consistency. Can you talk about this process and your mix of postings?

A: You want consistency and persistence in your social media approach but don’t want to get burnt out. So perspective is so important.  When you go into it, think about your style — just like the clothes you wear or the trim in your kitchen. Every detail is essential.

Q: What tips do you have regarding staying consistent?

A: I highly recommend your marketing person, your social media manager, or whoever you have on your team to utilize one of the social media management tools. Pick one that is user-friendly and works for you and what you’re trying to do for your business. That way, every week, every day, every month, you can still maintain it a year from now. 

Q: Can you share some of the apps or tools you use?

A: It depends on what you’re trying to do, how big you are, and how experienced your marketing individual is on your team. There’s not an end-all-be-all, but I would say things like Hootsuite or Sprinklr are good tools for managing your programs and your team. If you want more information, please contact me with questions.

Q: Can you talk about your personal style within your posts?

A: It’s essential always to have a visual, whether it be an infographic, a chart, or a video. Video is huge! It will always be the number one thing that gets the most exposure. It’s you talking, being informational, and sharing knowledge that someone wouldn’t otherwise know or wouldn’t expect from just scrolling on their social media. 

Q:  You’ve had various posts lately, but specifically, you just posted this unbelievable aerial. Can we talk about that post?

A: The builders took the drone photos and really set the stage for their construction. That’s what people want to see. You have to figure out what will get them to stop scrolling. That’s what’s going to give you top-of-mind awareness so that not only are they going to get you when they’re scrolling, they’re going to go out and search for you. Making yourself top of mind is very important. So whether it’s sharing knowledge like the importance of an inspection or what you want in every new home or luxury from every price point, it’s about what’s particular to you and your building in your company.

Q: Are the builders you represent providing these images, or are you taking them yourself?

A:  Our firm has networks of photographers and a whole marketing department. So, by working with 300 fully custom builders, you’re working with more than one person to get your content.

Q: Let’s talk about reels because that’s a very popular thing right now. Can you talk about your process of filming reels? 

A: Reels are a lovely tool. They make someone visualize the functionality of a home. Why does this triangle-shaped design work in the kitchen? And how is this going to help me get my kids from snack time to bedtime easier? It allows the buyer to play out what it would be like to live in that home. Could you sit down with your builder and discuss what you want to present? 

Q: What sort of methods do you recommend on the more technical side of things? 

A: There are several different tools that you can get. I have a GoPro. But also, your iPhone works great. If you have a just stick that will come out at one level, or you may have something that swivels or does a 360 swivel, those are also helpful. 

Q: Can you talk about what makes the content of your reels so impactful?

A: Being consumer-focused is very important. You know how to do all these things, but there is some semblance of a fishbowl effect. You don’t know what you know, and you all know priceless information that people are chomping at the bit to get at. When you share your knowledge with your consumer base, it’s not about convincing them anymore. It’s not about convincing; it’s about conviction. 

Q: One of the other things I noticed about your posts that I liked was your ability to make a first impression. Can you tell us why and how you make a first impression?

A: As you post across multiple platforms, the goal is always the same: to keep awareness, to give knowledge, and to get those sales. So when you’re posting to, let’s say, LinkedIn, think, “If I was looking at this, what’s the first thing that I should notice?” That will help you master the placement of the things you post, which will help you develop a particular style that works for you and your business. As people comment, your demographic will become more niche. You want this because you’ll know exactly how to set your posts up because you have feedback on what’s working. It’s like a social experiment. 

It’s about treating it as a business and taking it seriously. And not treat it as an online personal project. Keeping some of your personality and putting your perspective on things goes a long way. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next Builder Town Hall. Register now to join us on January 5 for more incredible industry insight. In the meantime, join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going!




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