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    Covenant Developments Launches a New Website

    February 15, 2021

    One Website Targeting Multiple Products and Audiences

    How do we market two completely different products to completely different target audiences with just one website?

    This is a question we face with a number of our clients who often offer multiple types of homes and communities for very different target audiences. They don’t want to confuse or lose potential buyers, but they also don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on multiple websites.

    A great example is Covenant Developments (Cov Dev) who recently launched a new website. Cov Dev builds different homes for different buyers and it’s important to make it easy for both to navigate the single website. One part of their business builds luxury condos for sale for active, retired baby boomers who are still completely independent, on the go, and living their lives to the fullest. They want the convenience of a condo, but otherwise, want to be left to their own devices. The other part of Cov Dev’s business is senior living cottages for rent, aimed at seniors who want low-maintenance living, coordinated social activities, and meal support. This is a client who wants more personal care.

    At first glance, they may not seem that different, with both targeting older buyers, but there is a big difference in what these older adults are looking for in a new home. If you don’t properly design the website, you could easily turn either customer off if they don’t find what they’re looking for easily. To solve this issue, we designed the homepage menu structure and the call-to-action graphics under the hero image to identify the two product types/target audiences in a way that easily guides visitors in the appropriate direction. You have two simple, obvious choices: luxury condo communities, and senior living rentals, right at the top of the page and throughout the rest of the page, making it hard to miss.

    In addition, we did a light rebrand of the Covenant Developments logo to give it a fresher look and color palette, incorporating those elements into the design and look of the website. It’s clean, easy to read, and further enhances the overall appeal of the company’s offerings.

    It’s not just about easy mapping and an updated logo, though. We take our clients’ mission statements into consideration when developing their website, often making it a central theme. This is the approach we took with Cov Dev and their mission statement of “We believe in creating awesome together because the world deserves more awesome.” This is something that ties into both communities and sets of buyers, whether they’re looking for a condo or cottage.

    As well as including the actual mission statement below the hero images, we wove the “awesome” message into the hero image tagline, inviting people to awesome living, while also ensuring we used multiple hero images that truly looked awesome and so completely appealing and scenic that visitors wouldn’t be able to resist learning more.

    To follow up on that encouragement — as with all Meredith Communications websites — we design copious amounts of calls-to-action into the Cov Dev website to encourage visitors to ask for more information. Most pages on the site average 5-7 unique calls-to-action, including email links, contact forms, and phone numbers to call.

    All of this makes the website easy to use for both sets of clients while making use of the universal aspect of the mission statement to make it clear why and how they offer multiple products to multiple audiences.

    Finally, as well as having our senior website designer and developer create a custom website for our clients in order to meet their specific needs, each site also uses Catalyst™, our custom WordPress product for home builders to help the company maintain the website, making fast changes as needed, without waiting for help from a webmaster. We developed this homebuilder content management system to provide the easiest, most flexible, and robust website back-end management system in the industry. It gives clients like Covenant Development in-house control of their website for day-to-day management, streamlining the process for everyone.

    So, you see, the Covenant Developments website shows it is possible to use one website to market multiple products to multiple audiences. Find the commonalities, make the paths to the differing products clear, and obviously, use Meredith Communications for your website and marketing. We make it easier for you. Just ask!

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