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May 25, 2020

Are You Doing These 5 Things To Improve Your Virtual Sales?

Improve Virtual Sales Matches

You’re used to closing the sale in person. But sometimes the need arises to close a sale virtually—and when that happens you want to be prepared. Selling virtually is totally different than selling in-person and on that I think we can all agree! The question is, how do you do that? Below are five key ways that you—no matter your level of experience with tech—can improve your virtual selling skills.

  1. Shut off your T.G.S. What is T.G.S.? This acronym stands for “technology guilt syndrome.” And it can stand in the way of successful selling. Perhaps you’re suffering from it and have no idea. Let’s see—are you questioning your ability to successful use tech? Are you jealous of coworkers who are using six different tech tools to sell while you consider it a daily success to get your teeth brushed in time for a Zoom call? You’ve got a major case of T.G.S. my friend. You have to let it go—it isn’t serving you well. Instead try to acknowledge and accept where you are and set one or two goals for how you want to improve. Forget what they’re doing and be yourself! It’s the best sales tool you have.
  2. Remember to K.I.S.S. You’ve heard this one before so let’s say it loud and proud together—keep it simple, stupid! Don’t feel like you need to become an online guru AND a video editing expert AND a social media maven. You do not have to become good at everything simply because the entire world has suddenly gone virtual. No way! Instead I encourage you to choose a lane of communication. By which I mean pick something that works for you to communicate with clients—Facebook, email, Zoom, Instagram—and stick with it to protect your backlog! I think you’ll agree that one lane of great communication is better than five lanes of mediocre communication.
  3. Consider going L.I.V.E. Virtual selling is here to stay. Employees are going to expect that they can join some meetings via Zoom. But more importantly your customers are now going to expect some virtual sales channels. And to embrace that you need to remember this acronym:

L: Location—Give me context of where you are and what I’m about to see.

I: Interesting—Think about what you want to show and tell me in the video why it’s interesting—something I wouldn’t already know by merely looking.

V: View— Look around past the immediate subject of the video and check the view. Is there a best angle to shoot from? Anything you need to make sure we DON’T see?

E: Everything Else—Expect something to go wrong and be genuine and keep going when it happens. It’s okay!

  1. Let Customers Know it’s “Okay.” Purchasing a home is a big deal. For most people it’s the largest investment they will ever make. And because of that they may need additional reassurances. Your customers will need to hear those from you. You’ve probably heard, “We think it might be better to wait and see what the market does.” Or “We read it’s not a good time to buy right now even though interest rates are so low.” Do you have a calm, reassuring response for these statements? Don’t make anything up—but be prepared to speak up about tough topics and industry news virtually.
  2. Offer Customers Help. Successful virtual sales come down to this: You are there to help, not sell. So, consider it your job to assist customers through technology rather than sell to them. Offering information about your builders, educating interested parties about available home sites, talking about what makes your community unique, and offering virtual tours are all ways to provide help without a hard sell. When you are open to helping rather than selling—people remember that. And they appreciate it.

Whew—we covered a lot of ground! I hope that these tech tips help you feel more comfortable with virtual selling. Do you have any tips to add? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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