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March 2, 2023

Resource Links for March Builder Town Hall

AI Art by DALL-E 2 by Open AI

Articles Referenced

Atwater Brewery Unveils New Craft Beer Using AI
Brian Manzullo, Detroit Free Press

ChatGPT – “The Mansion Murders: A Crime Story in Three Different Styles”
Richard Bliss

How Can Marketers Use ChatGPT? Top 9 Use Cases and Benefits For 2023
Rupan Deb, Emeritus

How You Can (and when you shouldn’t) Use ChatGPT To Write Marketing Copy
Harry Guinness, Zapier Blog

I Asked ChatGPT How to Invest During a Recession and the Buzzy AI Tool Explained a 5-part strategy for Balancing a Portfolio Markets Insider
Phil Rosen, Markets Insider

Improve ChatGPT Performance By Understanding How It Works
Christopher Penn

Tools Mentioned

43 of the Best AI Tools

AI Copywriter

ChatGPT WordPress Plugin

AI Copywriter, Images, SEO, & Emails

AI Powered Scheduling

Create Amazing Sales Copy in Seconds

AI Powered Text to Videos

AI Blog Writer & SEO Optimize


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