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January 14, 2024

The Art of Questioning: Jan 2024 BTH Recap

Questions create space for solutions to fall into. If we never question ourselves and our practices, we never offer innovation opportunities. 

This is one of many important principles that Bob Moesta, CEO and Founder of The Re-Wired Group and author of Demand-Side Sales, discussed in our most recent Builder Town Hall.  

Bob has perfected the art of questioning as a successful engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator across various industries. His distinctive approach to sales urges us to propose more questions to ourselves and our consumers.

The following questions will allow you to understand your buyer’s context better so you can help them discover the outcome they’re seeking. 

What question is your buyer asking that results in their decision to move? 

People resist change, and buying a home is one of the most significant changes a person can make. To fully understand your buyer, you must consider what factors caused them to take this monumental step. 

How does your buyer define progress?

At the end of the day, the buyer’s goal is always to make progress. Because the definition of this progress varies by the individual, it’s imperative to understand the core of what your buyer wants beyond the solution you are trying to propose. As a result, you can consider a variety of pathways to attain this progress. 

What are the preferences your buyer is willing to sacrifice?

The name of the game is give and take. No matter what you’re selling or buying, every exchange has trade-offs. Each individual has different elements they are willing to sacrifice. Once you consider your buyer’s preferences, you can help them find a solution to best fit their needs. 

What are you truly competing against?

We often frame competition from the industry’s perspective rather than the consumer’s perspective. In industry terms, your competition is simply other new home builders. However, in the consumer’s eyes, your competition is much broader. From used homes to rentals to simply not moving, it’s essential to consider what other factors might be holding your buyer’s attention. 

What irrational factors are keeping your buyer from moving? 

Humans are irrational creatures with irrational motives. Our emotions often cause us to be blind to logic. As a result, buyers will often propose arguments against moving that, on paper, are utterly ridiculous but, in practice, can completely stall the decision to buy a new home. When we uncover these factors, we can then work to find a solution that will allow the buyer to forge ahead. 

The answers you’re looking for lay in the questions you have yet to ask. Dare to question and take on your sales with deep curiosity and a hunger to learn. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next Builder Town Hall. Register now to join us on February 2 for more incredible industry insight. In the meantime, join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going!

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