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November 15, 2022

November Meredith’s Metrics: Home Builders Aren’t Boring

It’s time for Meredith’s Metrics! The segment where we talk numbers and what to make of them! At Meredith Communications, we want you to be able to plan, not panic. Our mission is to provide you with the digital marketing tools you need to respond in real-time and keep your business on top.

Each month, we utilize data from approximately 70-75 homebuilder websites to compile a comprehensive view of current trends in the home building industry. This information is absolutely vital to providing the best service for each and every customer.

View the video recap here and/or the audio-only version here.

Let’s Talk Numbers

As we examine the numbers from October, there is a continued pattern down for many of the major metrics. Total website visits were down 8% month over month and down 20%-25% year over year. Additionally, new visitors were down 7% month over month and 26% year over year.  Goal conversions also trended down 1% month over month and 18% year over year. 

On a more positive note, many other metrics, such as average session duration, bounce rate (when visitors leave after only viewing one page), and the number of pages per session, held steady both month over month AND year over year. 

So What? 

Overall, fewer people are visiting home builder websites. Though there is a drop in interest from potential buyers, the engagements that occur are proving to be extremely valuable. Website visitors are taking the time to stay on the site, explore various pages, and engage further with all that builders have to offer. 

Yes, the pipeline for traffic is more narrow, but those who make it through are worth nurturing. It’s up to you as marketing professionals to utilize tools and CRM technology to cater to these leads and ensure they receive the best experience possible.

Show Them What You’ve Got!

These numbers are not an accident. The steadiness of goal conversions and high-quality traffic were achieved through clear intentional steps. 

In the wise words of our guest from last month’s Builder Town Hall, Steve Dennis: “It’s a bad time to be boring.” 

The builders that held their numbers did something to set themselves apart! Whether that’s through clever marketing tactics, unique promotions, or extraordinary customer service, they have added a little extra flavor to the sales process cycle and shown customers exactly what makes them so special.


In the spirit of motivation, we have started a hashtag campaign to encourage incredible homebuilding professionals to show us your stuff! Share screenshots, files, stories, etc. with us for the chance to be featured on the Builder Town Hall Facebook Page, or for a shoutout at the next Builder Town Hall meeting on December 2 at 12 pm (EST). Register today to join us for more insightful discussions, valuable conversations, and incredible insight. 

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