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    Do’s and Don’ts of Content During Crisis

    March 26, 2020

    Over the past week, we’ve talked to several of you who are struggling with your social media channels and blogs in the midst of everything that is happening. Is it appropriate to keep posting? How do you acknowledge what is going on while staying on brand? Is there a way to share your messages in a way that doesn’t come across as totally oblivious to the happenings around us?

    Whether you’ve pre-scheduled posts and are hoping to simply make some minor edits OR you’ve deleted everything and want to start from scratch, here are a few tips for posting to your social media channels and blogs in times of crisis. These tips will keep you looking and feeling professional while also encouraging business in a tactful way.

    DO stay positive and don’t reference the virus. If you feel you must reference the current environment, use the most positive language you can without being unrealistic. This will ensure you can reference back to content even after the crisis has passed.

    DO watch your tone. While you don’t want to mention the virus directly in content, it’s important to not appear totally tone-deaf to what is happening in the world. In other words, over the top, super optimistic language will fall flat right now. So cut back on the adjectives and just be factual about what you have to offer.

    DO remember that your readers are already online when they’re seeing your posts. So you don’t need to say things like, “Visit our website.” They’re probably already on your site! Instead, ask them to browse floorplans, check out community amenities, view finishes, and the like.

    DO link to interactive content. You can even use verbiage like Realtor.com currently is: “Take a Break and Search For Your Dream Home.” Language like this acknowledges the mindset and sentiment of the average consumer stuck in their house right now without using negative content.

    DO continue to follow rules of urgency. Push that interest rates are low and that available new home inventory is very low. The demand is actually super high right now because interest rates are so low. Just don’t state it’s a “Great time to buy!” It’s not a great time for anything right now!

    DO NOT write blogs or posts on upcoming local events or things to do. Most events are canceled and social distancing is an ethical and legal imperative right now.

    DO NOT write call-to-action language that refers to visiting your office, model home, store in person. Instead, refer to ways to contact your business either online or by phone. Talk up your online sales counselors, virtual tours, Youtube videos, and the like. Let people get a feel for you without having to come to see you in person.

    Do you have additional do’s and don’ts that we can use? Please be sure to share them in the comments!

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