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April 6, 2021

Meredith Communications Proud to Support The House That SHE Built

As a woman-owned business, Meredith Communications is incredibly proud to launch the Utah Professional Women in Building Council’s official website, along with their The House that SHE Built project.

The Utah Professional Women in Building is an official council of the Utah Home Builders Association and part of the National Professional Women in Building. Their goal is to support and showcase women who are currently working in construction. Women and young girls will see these examples and realize there is a space for them to participate in home building in a wide range of categories within the industry. Through education, leadership, community service, and collaboration within the construction industry, the group aids women in finding employment opportunities in architecture, engineering, design, lending, and real estate sales, as well as general contracting, skilled trades, and labor. They believe that men and women can work together to diversify, improve and grow the construction industry for future generations.

One way of showing women’s range of skills in the building industry is The House That SHE Built project. This house is being built entirely by women, showcasing their expertise in fields where women aren’t always considered, including carpentry, excavation, plumbing, and engineering. In this project, every nail, wire, board, and every single element is done by a woman. The House That SHE Built aims to change the notion that women don’t work in these highly-skilled, in-demand professions.

When finished, the house will be showcased in the 2021 Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Also, this project is a fund-raiser for various charities and scholarships. The scholarships will account for 60% of the total profit and will be awarded to women pursuing construction management-related degrees or trade school programs. The Utah PWB will use 20% of the profits for education initiatives and future building events. The final 20% will be donated to a local woman-centric charity, Life Start Village Family Support Center. Thanks to an extensive list of sponsors and donations, there should be a significant amount of money available for all of these scholarships and charities. In that spirit, we at Meredith Communications donated our time and experience to create the entire website for free for the organization.

The website is clean and clear in its layout, with a traditional navigation menu, including some drop-down menus, above on-site hero photos showcasing members at work. We’ve designed the website to tell the story of Utah PWB through a series of full-screen panels, member photos, and storyboards. At the bottom of each page is a clear opportunity to contact the organization by email and social media links. There’s also a link to the blog that provides updates on The Home That SHE Built’s progress. The home page and the page for the project feature the women who run the organization and the women involved in the building project. There are also easy links and forms for donating to the project, along with financial goals they have set along the way. The website combines extensive information on the organization, the building project, and how women can join, complemented by numerous photo galleries and other images showcasing their work.

We treat this website the same as any other website we build for clients. Our senior website designer and developer custom-designed the site. We use a WordPress site that includes our own custom Homebuilder Content Management System called Catalyst™. Using this system gives the client easy access to the back-end management of the website to easily and quickly make changes without relying on a webmaster.

We are incredibly proud to volunteer our services to such an empowering organization and wish them the best on their outstanding project. We hope the website we built aids in promoting The Home That SHE Built to become a huge success. We’d also like to thank Group Two Advertising for the beautiful branding and logo design of The House That SHE Built. If you’d like to get involved, certainly check out the website and see how you can join donors, as well as actual volunteers from across the country, in making this project a major success.

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