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May 5, 2020

May Marketing Pro of the Month

Alex Kaminsky Lokal Homes

Thank you for joining us for another Marketing Pro of the Month! If you missed April’s professional, you can check that blog out here. Or if you’re all caught up (and ready to find out if this month’s Pro is Team Pizza or Team Tacos) then it’s time to learn more about Alex Kaminsky of Lokal Homes.

Tell us about your builder – market, product type, average units sold per year, average sales volume per year.

Lokal Homes – founded in 2012 and we build in The Denver Metro Area and go south to CO Springs and north to Fort Collins. Last year we closed 260 homes and are planning to close 400 this year. In February 2020 we closed our 1000th home. We are focusing on hitting an attainable price point for our market and are able to do so by building high density and multi-family homes.

What is your exact title and how long have you been in the position? How did you get your start in home builder marketing?

Sales and Marketing Specialist. I have been in this position since October 2018. I began with Lokal on a part-time basis in High School and into College. In my last semester of College in 2017, I joined as a full-time employee as a Purchasing Agent. After spending 2 years in the purchasing role I had the opportunity to move to the sales and marketing team.

Let’s talk responsibilities: what are yours on a day-to-day basis when it comes to marketing?

No two days are the same! Generally, I am in charge of marketing strategy, content strategy, content creation, graphic design, events, managing signage and on-site marketing, managing new community rollout and closeout, sales support, and much more!

What is your favorite social media platform to use?

My personal favorite is Instagram. I love sharing my world with my friends, family, and colleagues through photos, and I hope to remind everyone on a daily basis to do things that bring you joy!

What does the average Monday look like for you personally and professionally?

Monday starts the week off with a bang! I typically have an early morning workout with my personal trainer, then head into the office and have my weekly meeting with my manager. I digest action items from our meeting and plan for the week ahead and prioritize and schedule time blocks to make sure I complete my biggest tasks. After work, I head to Zumba class (my newfound hobby that I have been loving!) and then make a healthy dinner.

How do you see your role evolving over the next few years?

I am excited to progress in my strategic responsibilities and I always hope to dive more into analytics and learning and growing.

What is a question you’re frequently asked in your role? (Maybe it drives you crazy, maybe it doesn’t!)

“Can you print me more price sheets?” from the sales team

What is a big success you’ve had in your current role?

In my current role, I’ve had the opportunity to grow and learn by doing. Our marketing team is lean and mean (just myself and our VP of Sales and Marketing). I’ve had to juggle wearing multiple hats and balancing a strategic role while maintaining day to day tasks.

When it comes to marketing, we all learn from our mistakes. Care to share a time you learned from a marketing mistake?

I learn so much daily! When we started implementing monthly campaigns last summer (and with thanks to our FANtastic Builder Marketing Mastermind group led by Meredith) I learned so much about Google Analytics and how to best utilize tracking URLs and integrating all of the channels you are using in your campaign to measure its effectiveness.

Marketing tends to be very experimental. What do you love about that and what do you hate about it?

I love that each person can bring a different lens to marketing and can be successful. There is no black and white. It allows for a marketer’s creativity to shine. It’s tough sometimes because you want to know why something is or isn’t working and it can be frustrating to not have a direct and quick answer.

What are your currently reading or listening to? Work and personal.

The best book I’ve read that has helped me on both a personal and professional level is Sell It Like Serhant by Ryan Serhant. It’s always on my rotation and it is such a great source of motivation, inspiration, and actionable advice to really help you understand yourself and your purpose in business and life!

What is your favorite app or tool to use for work-related tasks? Personal tasks?

I like Adobe Premiere Rush to make quick edits on videos that I post to social. Otherwise my handy planner! I love writing down my daily priority lists on paper and crossing things off when I’m done!

Are you team taco or team pizza? Or team other?

Pizza over tacos, but Mexican food in general over everything else. I could eat chips and salsa and bean burritos for every meal (and green chile of course).

If you had a Friday off of work, what would you do with it?

It would probably involve flying my drone, going to the mountains if its summertime, or going to a concert!

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