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November 15, 2022

November Builder Town Hall Recap

The Season of Giving is Here to Stay

Whether it’s caring for potential buyers, managing crews, or ensuring the highest quality in our homes, we are so invested in profitability and financial success that we often lose focus of the essential part of what we do: creating an impact on the community. 

At this month’s Builder Town Hall, Jim Allen—president of the number one Coldwell Banker Real Estate Team in North America, the Jim Allen Group—discussed the importance of giving back. Jim’s passion for giving back has set him apart as a superstar in the homebuilding industry. With the help of his wisdom, we can clearly see the importance of generosity and authenticity within an organization’s culture. 

View the video recap here and/or the audio-only version here.

Define Your Why

We spend the majority of our lifetimes working. If all those countless hours are put toward something without purpose, it’s only a matter of time until we burn out. To attain sustainable success, your work must mean something. 

Though everybody’s journey with giving is different, the first—and arguably most important—step in that journey is defining your why. From family to legacy to faith, your why will provide clarity when looking toward the future. 

Find an organization with a mission that aligns with your why. Once you connect, you can continue to explore new ways to spread your impact and make a difference in the community and your organization. Whether you’re leading the charge or joining somebody else’s efforts, your example will inspire others. 

Make a Game Plan 

To give effectively, you have to plan effectively. So when you sit down to create the budget for the year, be sure to make a loose estimation of what your company plans to give back to the community. 

This guideline can account not just for financial gifts but the generous gift of time. Rather than setting funds aside, plan to donate an allotted number of hours of each of your employees’ time throughout the year. For example, just ten hours throughout ten employees amounts to 100 hours worth of donated time and energy and a tremendous impact on those in need.

Work Harder, Give Farther

Don’t let giving be the result; let it be the catalyst. Instead of asking what you will receive when you give, flip the mindset to focus on working harder to provide more. Focus your mission not on the number of sales but rather on the number of lives you’ve touched. 

Create a culture within your organization that promotes an attitude of selflessness. Foster a team where each individual works hard to uplift one another to work toward a common goal. 

From the smile on a young boy’s face when he receives a delicious snow cone to the joy of a family seeing their newly finished home for the first time, the tangible impact of your team’s efforts will fuel their passion for compassion. In this environment, your employees will shine brightest and attain their fullest potential. 

Marketing With Meaning

There are an infinite number of ways to give back to the community. The only limit is your mind! Get creative with how you give back, and be persistent in asking where your help is needed. Leading by example through acts of service, money donations, and kindness is an excellent way to institute a reputation of trust, purpose, and mission that will set you apart and leave a lasting impact. 

Mark your calendar and register today for our session on December 2. In the meantime, join our Builder Town Hall Facebook Group and keep the conversation going! Be sure to share with our new hashtag # HomeBuildersAren’tBoring for a chance to be featured on next month’s segment. 


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