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What’s ‘Appening Wednesdays | Stitch Fix

October 18, 2017

This week’s app recommendation is so much more than an app; it’s my personal branding superpower. Let’s face it, right or wrong, our image and how we present ourselves to the world matters. Whether you need help developing your style or just want to save time and money clothes shopping, Stitch Fix will transform your closet from a wasteland of “I have nothing to wear” to a wonderland of “I have exactly the right outfit that I like and need for every occasion.” I’ve been a loyal Stitch Fix customer for two years and I can honestly say that the clothes I like and wear the most often are Stitch Fix outfits.

If you do want to give the service a try, please use my referral link. I get a $25 credit on my next order, and you get on the path towards a whole new personal brand! Referral Link –


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