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What Google Wants

December 4, 2008

Written by Meredith Oliver

Many companies have had to make marketing sacrifices in this down-turn economy, which is highly understandable. Some of those sacrifices have trickled down to the online marketing, leaving many companies trying to handle their search engine marketing all on their own. That too is understandable. But a word of caution, trying to create the perfect keywords for your meta tags that helps search engine robots find your site for those specific keywords is truly a science that takes into account several factors. Not following the guidelines set forth by Google and Yahoo could leave your site off the top search engine results, which is like removing your marquee from your community…hardly anyone will find you.

Here is a list of what Google looks for when your site is submitted:

  • 1. Domain name / URL
  • 2. Title Tag
  • 3. Description Tag
  • 4. Content on your website matching your Title and Description tags
  • 5. Site Popularity – how much traffic does your site get
  • 6. Site In-Bound Links – how many sites link back to your site (bonus points for links to your site by your specific keywords!)
  • 7. Site Map – Can Google “see” all the pages that are in your site

Although Google and other search engines will eventually index your website, submitting your site to Google through Google’s Webmaster Tools is also advisable. Google makes it easy for you to achieve results…you just have to follow their steps. Are there more steps? Sure, but this will get you started.

If all these steps seem difficult, or you are too busy building your homes and your business to learn a new trade, then look for an SEO company that offers SEO packages that will prepare your site with the perfect keywords and meta tags for your company.

If you want to know if your site has the best keywords in your Meta Tags, feel free to email me at Meredith Communications has been building websites and providing search engine optimization for over 7 years. We can quickly access if what your site has will work for your company.

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