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Websites: Re-do or Refresh?

February 12, 2019

You need a new website. These five little words make you go weak in the knees. Because what you probably hear is, “You need to spend a lot of money”. Right? After all, it’s the most attractive, functional websites that lure in customers. But between a huge budget, stretched out deadlines, and months of answering what seem to be the most inconsequential questions it’s easy to see why you put this task at the bottom of your pile. So what if I told you that you may not need a whole new website? Perhaps the only thing your website needs…is a refresh.

Yes. There are reasons to tear down your website and start from scratch. But if you have the following things, chances are your website has great bones. And all you need is help to bring your site up to speed with the latest trends and tools. You might not need a whole new website if…

  1. You’re using a responsive template. Chances are that if the look of your website has been updated in the last few years, you’re using a responsive template. WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace all offer pre-designed responsive templates for you to choose from. And, if you’ve worked with a web design service within the last one to two years for a more professional, individualized look, they likely took the time to ensure your template was in line with up and coming technology. On the other hand, if your website hasn’t seen an update since the early 2000’s, it’s probably time for a refresh.
  2. You have a rocking CMS or Content Management System. A CMS allows multiple users the opportunity to manage your website’s content like floor plans and blogs. They can also create, edit, and publish content. A CMS also stores important information (think cloud storage). Because it’s collaborative, no one person is responsible for the website’s content. This relieves a huge burden on business owners. Additionally, a CMS platform can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. This allows businesses to work with professionals who aren’t even in the same place they are, expanding the hiring pool. Some good examples of CMS platforms are Hubspot, WordPress, and Sitefinity. We are big believers in WordPress. So much so we’ve built a proprietary, custom version of WordPress for our home builder clients. We can easily further customize each installment because WordPress is so flexible.
  3. Your website is built for mobile. You probably still use a desktop or laptop for work. But mobile functionality is imperative for today’s online user who is constantly on the go. In fact, more than 2/3 of all global traffic in 2017 came from mobile devices. So if your most recent website was built with mobile in mind, you’re on the right track.
  4. You’re collecting contact information. If you have a good CMS, chances are you’re collecting in-depth data from potential customers. Data that goes beyond name and email. Lead generation is an important foundation for any home builder website. And a good website has a way to collect that lead information. From newsletter sign-ups to customers who are interested in learning more, a website that collects contact information has the power to reach potential customers in a variety of ways.

See something on the above list you’d like to implement into your website? Have questions about how your home builder or senior community website could benefit from a website refresh? Contact Meredith Communications.

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