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Use Social Media To Drive Traffic

October 17, 2008

SMO, or Social Media Optimization, helps build website traffic by using social media based websites to post blogs and press releases that include links back to your site. Since 2000, we have seen many different social media websites spring up drawing throngs of people desperate to connect and learn from others all around the country, even the world. So how can you take advantage of this craze to drive potential buyers to your site to leverage the power of the social web?

Use SMO as Guerilla Marketing
Social Media websites are ripe with people giving their opinions and offering advice for all sorts of reasons. The Real Estate Industry is a big topic and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Using Social Media as a form of guerilla marketing allows you to post information that counters the bad press and offers a “by the way, come see what our ‘Builder/Community Name’ is doing about this” message.

Use SMO as a Link Builder
SMO helps to build your link profile so search engines, like Google, think your site is popular and therefore more relevant for certain keywords, which will help boost your rankings. When you are social online, you have a greater chance of being seen as an authority on a subject, which makes people want to learn more about your, thus driving traffic to your site. When you link to your site from blog postings for certain keywords, you drive traffic to your site for those keywords, which once again boosts your relevancy for certain search engines, like Google.

Get Started Today
Getting started on building a social media campaign may seem like a daunting task, but here are some easy things you can do that will help you reap huge brand awareness and even qualified traffic!

1.       Start a Blog – if you can’t commit to putting one on your own website, then commit to posting blogs on sites where your potential buyers blog – Technorati.com is the largest Blogging Search Engine. Keep your blogs simple, short and relevant to the topics.

2.       Submit to Social News and Media Sharing Websites – allowing articles/blogs you write to be saved to a social new and media sharing website is a great way to become “popular” which helps in your overall search engine rankings.

3.       Get Social – Start a MySpace or Facebook page! MySpace is known for generating a lot of spam, but there are a lot of genuine users that can be your potential buyer. Facebook has quickly become a favorite social networking site for adults and is worth exploring.

Need more information about how to Blog, where to Blog, or what to put in a Blog? Watch for MC’s newsletter next month where we will give specific tips & tricks for getting the most out of Social Media Optimization, or email Debbie Morris at debbie@creatingwow.com to ask specific questions.

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