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Top 6 Smart Phone Apps for Sales People

April 23, 2012

How did we ever do business before the smart phone? It’s hard to imagine anymore! It seems like every week there’s another new app to help sales people become more productive. Here are the top 6 apps your sales team should have on their smart phones to do business more efficiently.

1. GoToMeeting – The mobile version of the desktop web-conferencing tool allows you to start online meetings, view presentations and reports. The app is free to download with a paid subscription to the PC or Mac version. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

2. CamCard – Tired of collecting stacks of business cards after a networking meeting? CamCard saves the contact information, allows you to group contacts for easy follow-up, make notes and search LinkedIn. The app works with all smart phones including Android and Blackberry. It costs $6.99 with a free trial.

3. DocScan / Document Scanner – DocScan for iPhone or Document Scanner for Android make it easy to scan documents and receipts and convert them into PDF files. Email the PDF or upload it to services like Google Docs, EverNote or DropBox.

4. Keynote / Slide Rocket – Keynote ($9.99 for iPhone) is a handy tool that enables you to create interactive presentations on the go. You can view and edit presentations made on Keynote ’09 or Microsoft PowerPoint. Simply plug your phone into a projector and HDTV when you’re ready to start your speech and watch the images appear. Slide Rocket (Free/Lite, $24 Pro for Android) is similar to PowerPoint, except that it is web based rather than software based. It also allows you to create and share presentations, and is especially useful when collaborating with coworkers in another location.

5. SalesForce – This is perhaps the best known Customer Relationship Management app available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. If you already use this software in your office, you can use your smart phone to access all of your information in real time, respond to new leads and communicate with everyone back at the office. Other popular CRM apps to consider are SuperOffice and Bridge2CRM.

6. ParkMobile –  How much time have you wasted on parking during a sales call? With ParkMobile, you can activate a parking session and get a text message 15 minutes before your session is up. Since you pay for the exact time you park, you’ll save money, and keep better track of your spending, since the app lets you print receipts for expense reports. Free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

What other smart phone apps have you found useful for business?


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