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Toolbox Tuesdays: Melinda Brody & Co Launches New Brand

October 17, 2017

Melinda Brody & Company has provided innovative video shopping services and sales coaching to leading home builders around the country for over 30 years. As the industry leader in video mystery shopping, production and custom home builders have come to rely on MB&C for their commitment to customer service, industry experience, and providing the most realistic shoppers.

MB&C has been a loyal client of Meredith Communications for many years, so we were pleased to get the opportunity to build a third website for them. The company is under new ownership and wanted a website that would show off their new brand, which includes a new logo, and color palette of orange, dark gray and white.

We created two versions of the home page, depending on whether users were viewing the website on a desktop computer or a mobile device. On the desktop, a bright orange background featuring the company’s logo and headline immediately slides upward upon viewing to reveal images of MB&C’s different services with links to learn more information. On a mobile device, the large orange background is omitted. Once the page loads, it displays a brief a description of the company with the logo at the top. A user can then scroll up or down to reveal the same information that shows up on the desktop version.

The new logo features two elements – a house with the company’s initials inside of it, and then the full company name, displayed immediately to the right. When the logo is displayed on the home page’s orange background on the desktop, all of the elements are dark gray, except for the initials “m” and “b” inside of the house, which are orange. The logo also shows up on the website header and footer. Since these banners are dark gray, the logo’s house is now in orange with a white frame and grey initials. The name of the company is spelled out in white, except for the first letters, “m” and “b” and the term “& company,” which are orange.

The new website makes it easy for home builders to learn about MB&C’s services, with calls to action prominently displayed throughout. Video testimonials about the mystery shopping service are included, as well as information for prospective shoppers to apply for a position with the company.

Contact forms allow site visitors to request more information about video shops, as well as the sales coaching and training that the company offers. The website also includes a blog so MB&C can showcase its expertise to potential clients.

If you’d like to learn more about the website design and content management solutions we provide the home building industry, contact Meredith Communications today to schedule a free consultation.

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