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Toolbox Tuesday | What is Event Tracking in Google Analytics?

January 16, 2018

Toolbox Tuesday Event TrackingHaving an engaging website with interactive floor plans and great videos that show off your homes is only one part of selling homes. Another aspect is understanding where your website views are coming from and how prospective buyers are engaging with it. At Meredith Communications, we use Google Event Tracking to help our clients understand what’s working on their website and make changes to ensure the entire site is user-friendly and driving sales.

What are Events on a Website?

Basically, events are interactions on a webpage that can be tracked separately from the page itself. Things such as downloads, mobile ad clicks, viewing videos, Flash elements, AJAX embedded elements, and gadgets are all considered events and can be tracked by Google Analytics.

How Event Tracking Helps You

With every site, there are a million decisions you can make. Even simple things like the color of a button can dramatically impact click-through rates, but you’d have no way to know that – until now. Using event tracking, a simple line of code now enables you to see how many people are interacting with different elements on your site.

Once set up, you can easily run a report in Google Analytics to see the response on different elements. For example, do buttons at the top get more or less clicks than buttons at the bottom? Does the orange button on the home page get or more less interactions than the blue button on the About page? Understanding each of these interactions goes a long way towards creating a site your potential buyers will spend a lot of time on and increase the likelihood they’ll buy their next home from you.

At Meredith Communications, all our clients are setup with event tracking and we’re poised to adapt their sites based on the analytics of each element. If you’d like the same proactive approach for your website, contact Meredith Communications today for a free consultation.

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