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Tips on How to Select a WOW Hero Image for your Website Homepage

April 17, 2018


If the term “hero image” is new to you, don’t worry. It’s basically a fancy name for the large image directly below the navigation bar on a website’s homepage. These images can be static, scrolling, or even videos. The hero image is there to immediately grab a visitor’s interest and have them want to know more. In many cases, it’s the first thing people see. Follow these tips to select the best hero image for your website.

Directional Cues

Have you ever noticed how when someone is looking up at the sky and pointing, other people stop and look as well? Even if they’re not sure what they’re looking at, people are curious and will look.  The same thing happens with websites. Use an arrow or an image of someone looking towards your call to action. People viewing your page will naturally look in that direction and be more likely to respond to your CTA.

Powerfully Support Your Message

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time creating your message and the initial words people will see on your site. Your hero image needs to be equally as powerful on its own while still supporting your key message. Bright colors, illustrations, or engaging images that capture movement can be good options.

Go for the Gut (Reaction)

People are more likely to take action when they feel strongly. That initial emotional reaction can make or break a potential sale. When looking for your hero image, ask others how they feel when they view the picture. If it’s in line with what you’re going for, you’re on the right track!

Be Relatable

Not everyone is going to be in love with the process of home building, but your target audience is going to be in love with the idea of a custom home or a dream home. Make what you love about your business, and what people get from you, into something they’ll immediately understand.

Site Examples

Our website clients use a variety of hero image styles. Check out these examples to see a nice variety of options on hero images.

https://landonhomes.com/ – Using a video as their hero image

https://www.mybuffington.com/ – Using a still image of the local area to create a real WOW & using the hero image as the background image

https://www.grayhawkhomesinc.com/ – Mixture of stock images and product images

For more on choosing the perfect hero image for your site, check out my video on the subject. If you’d like even more help, contact Meredith Communications for a free consultation.



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