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Guest Post | How To Sell More Homes Using Instagram

Please welcome Anya Chrisanthon to the blog! She’s the host of the New Construction Marketing Podcast. She’s sharing her tips of getting interaction on Instagram and why it’s important for your business, specifically for selling more homes. Instagram doesn’t display posts...

Digital Marketing

Our Top Three Digital Marketing Articles | October 3

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. There are always new updates to social media platforms, SEO, privacy regulations, and strategies. Part of my goal in this series, is to share some articles that I’ve recently found helpful for...


How Car Dealers Can Use Retargeting to Drive More Sales

Imagine the impact on your car dealership’s bottom line if you could recapture the attention of visitors to your website who leave without taking action. It’s been said that only 2 percent of web traffic converts on its first visit....


How Real Estate Agents Can Leverage Social Media to Create Email Messages

Among marketing tools, email is probably the most powerful when it comes to lead nurturing and lead conversion for real estate agents. But social media has become an important player too. And if you’ve been able to create a successful...

Social Media

LinkedIn Introduces Targeted Updates

    Written by Meredith Oliver If you have a company page on LinkedIn, you may now send status updates to a segment of your followers.  The only catch is that your company must have more than 100 followers to...

Social Media

#FanFactor Friday – Make Your Photos Social

Written by Meredith Oliver Do you have a smartphone? Do you take photos on your phone and upload them to Facebook and Instagram? Apparently society today is taking as many photos on their phone in 2 minutes, than the entire...

Social Media

4 Cool Pinterest Tools

  Written by Meredith Oliver Have you hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? This fast-growing social networking site is especially popular with women. So if that’s your target market, you’d be wise to get on board and study popular users...

Social Media

How to Use Facebook Contests to Drive Engagement

  Written by Meredith Oliver Want more fans on your Facebook page or visitors to your blog? Try running a Facebook contest!  Most people like to win prizes and many will participate in a contest if the reward is significant....

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Moms for Mitt

Regardless of your political affiliations in the upcoming election, the Moms for Mitt Facebook Page demonstrates a great way to increase fan engagement and participation. The Moms for Mitt page capitalized on the media storm surrounding the “war on women”...


7 Ways to Encourage Comments on Your Blog

If no one comments on your business blog, is it successful? It’s sort of like the old question, “if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” One of the key ways to turn blog readers into...

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Content Marketing

5 Stats That’ll Help You Build and Implement Successful Email Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Chances are that email marketing is a big part of your marketing strategy. Or if it isn’t—it should be! And because email marketing takes a LOT of time and energy to create it’s imperative that you take time to evaluate...

Content Marketing

How Evaluating The Super Bowl Commercials Can Help Make Your Marketing FANtastic!

You’ve been privy to the million and one articles anointing the winners and roasting the losers of this year’s Super Bowl advertising bonanza. So we’re not going to rehash that here. Instead, let’s settle in for a FANtastic marketing exercise...

Website Design

Meredith Communications Launches New Website for Richmond Hill Design + Build

Meredith Communications is excited to unveil a new website for Richmond Hill Design + Build, a company that specializes in renovating old homes and building new homes around Richmond, Virginia. The company, owned by long-time homebuilder Lloyd Poe, works to...


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