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How to Get Leads to Call You Back

  Written by Meredith Oliver Now that we’re well into the second quarter of 2013, how successful have you been at getting prospects to call you back? There’s still time to get this year off to a roaring start. Here...


3 Apps to Help Overcome “Boring Post-itis”

Written by Meredith Oliver Are you suffering from a common social media disease called “boring post-itis?” Symptoms include Your posts are text heavy Your posts are mostly motivational quotes Facebook has offered you money to close your account. If you...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Engage Holiday Fans

The holiday shopping craze is about to begin. In 2011, Cyber Monday shopping exceeded the sales of Black Friday shopping. Are you gearing up at your company to promote your brand to consumers searching the web for the perfect gifts?...


#WhatWeDo Wednesday – Social Media Marketing

  Written by Meredith Oliver Do you follow your fans on Twitter? Do you engage customers on Facebook? Do you recommend connections on LinkedIn? Do you post videos to YouTube? If your brand isn’t using social media, you should be....

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Humor Me

  Written by Meredith Oliver Ever notice that funny social media posts tend to go viral? Are you familiar with funny memes like Dog-Shaming or the recent “Binder Full of Women?” Everyone loves a good laugh these days, so use...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Keep It Fresh

  Written by Meredith Oliver Your online content has an expiration date! To keep your fans engaged with you online, you need to constantly update your online content. With a regular stream of new thoughts, ideas, and helpful information, your...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Shark Week Edition

  Written by Meredith Oliver Did you tune in for the Discovery Channel’s 25th anniversary of Shark Week? According to an infographic by Trendrr, Shark Week accounted for “35 percent of all Social TV activity on cable from August 12-16.”...

Social Media

Top 4 Social CRM Tools

  Written by Meredith Oliver During the last several years, businesses have realized that social media can help attract new customers and nurture relationships with current customers. As more social networking sites appear on the scene, it becomes harder to...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Engaging Facebook Updates

Written by Meredith Oliver You are on Facebook. Your fans are on Facebook. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook browsing status updates, pictures, and videos of their friends, family, and favorite bands or brands. So how do you actually encourage...

Social Media

Best E-Commerce Apps for Facebook

  Written by Meredith Oliver If you’re reluctant to spend money on Facebook advertising, there are other ways to generate sales from the popular social networking site. You can sell products directly to your Facebook fans from your Facebook page...

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FANtastic Selling

How To Craft The Perfect Conversation With Homebuyers

As a sales professional, what you present to your customers is important. That’s why you have a marketing plan that includes social media and advertising. But your plan should also include customer conversations. How do you talk to potential buyers?...

Content Marketing

How To Use Drones to Increase Your Home Sales

The way a home looks, both on the inside and outside, is obviously a major factor when deciding to purchase a home. Is the kitchen big enough? Are there enough bedrooms? Is there an open floor plan? But do you...

Website Design

Meredith Communications Launches New Website For Edison Condos

Recently, Meredith Communications worked alongside Hubbell Realty Company to create a stunning new website for their Edison Condos located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Hubbell Realty Company was founded in 1856 and they are one of the oldest and most...


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