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5 Tips to optimize your Blog for Google

  Written by Meredith Oliver A blog is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to companies – large or small. A company can use a blog to demonstrate its authority on a subject, promote its brand, and...

Social Media

4 Cool Pinterest Tools

  Written by Meredith Oliver Have you hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? This fast-growing social networking site is especially popular with women. So if that’s your target market, you’d be wise to get on board and study popular users...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Moms for Mitt

Regardless of your political affiliations in the upcoming election, the Moms for Mitt Facebook Page demonstrates a great way to increase fan engagement and participation. The Moms for Mitt page capitalized on the media storm surrounding the “war on women”...


7 Ways to Encourage Comments on Your Blog

If no one comments on your business blog, is it successful? It’s sort of like the old question, “if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” One of the key ways to turn blog readers into...

Social Media

How to Use Facebook Timeline to Grow Your Business

Facebook pages experienced a makeover to the timeline format. With this change, several new features will help admins engage their fans and enhance their business on Facebook. Some of these changes will require some getting used to, but if you...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday Tip

Posting timely, important information regularly is essential when connecting with your fans online. It’s also important to post about events in Real Time as they happen. Your fans like to know what you and your brand are doing from an...

Social Media

7 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Have you heard of Pinterest? It’s an online “bulletin board” that enables users to “pin” images from the Internet onto boards that they organize by topic or theme. Users can like and comment on pins, and repin other people’s pins...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Social Media and Google are Rewriting the Rules of Search

Search Engine Optimization used to be all about the rankings. If you included keywords in meta tags and web page content, and built quality backlinks, you had a good chance of ranking at the top of Google searches. Now the...

Social Media

4 Tools to Generate Content for Your Customer

  Social media has transformed the amount of content that a company needs to generate to promote its products and services. No longer can a company rely on a brochure and website. It must find content to blog, email, tweet...

Meredith Communications News

“The Fan Factor” NOW Available for Download or Purchase

The Fan Factor: 20 Slam Dunk Secrets to Engage Your Online Audience is now available for purchase or download! The eBook version of “The Fan Factor” is available for FREE. Print versions are also available for purchase. Meredith Oliver, the...

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Content Marketing

These 5 Tips Will Show You How To Use Video Content to Build Communities

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video says even more words than that! That’s because videos, similarly to pictures, gives potential customers a visual—and humans are visual creatures. But they often have more pull than...

FANtastic Selling

How To Craft The Perfect Conversation With Homebuyers

As a sales professional, what you present to your customers is important. That’s why you have a marketing plan that includes social media and advertising. But your plan should also include customer conversations. How do you talk to potential buyers?...

Content Marketing

How To Use Drones to Increase Your Home Sales

The way a home looks, both on the inside and outside, is obviously a major factor when deciding to purchase a home. Is the kitchen big enough? Are there enough bedrooms? Is there an open floor plan? But do you...


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