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FANtastic Selling Tips

The Stress-Free Way to Selling a Luxury Home

Luxury home sales can be particularly challenging if you’re a real estate agent who wants to help luxury home owners sell their property, it’s important for both you and the seller to know how to get a fair price in...

FANtastic Selling Tips

FANatical Follow-Up Keynote Video Clips

FANatical Follow-Up Keynote – Clip #1 “I Don’t Make Dinner”   In this  video clip Meredith Oliver, aka The Digital Diva, is speaking at the Naitonal Association of HomeBuilders Showcase24 event. She is presenting her sales and marketing keynote titled...

FANtastic Selling Tips

4 Ways to Follow Up after a Sale

  Written by Meredith Oliver The easiest way for a company to increase revenue is to sell to existing or past customers, rather than sell to someone who knows little to nothing about your products or services. The trouble is...

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Content Marketing

5 Stats That’ll Help You Build and Implement Successful Email Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Chances are that email marketing is a big part of your marketing strategy. Or if it isn’t—it should be! And because email marketing takes a LOT of time and energy to create it’s imperative that you take time to evaluate...

Content Marketing

How Evaluating The Super Bowl Commercials Can Help Make Your Marketing FANtastic!

You’ve been privy to the million and one articles anointing the winners and roasting the losers of this year’s Super Bowl advertising bonanza. So we’re not going to rehash that here. Instead, let’s settle in for a FANtastic marketing exercise...

Website Design

Meredith Communications Launches New Website for Richmond Hill Design + Build

Meredith Communications is excited to unveil a new website for Richmond Hill Design + Build, a company that specializes in renovating old homes and building new homes around Richmond, Virginia. The company, owned by long-time homebuilder Lloyd Poe, works to...


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