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Small Business Marketing

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget (and staff)

Written by Meredith Oliver If you have millions of dollars to spend on marketing stop reading. You probably don’t need to know how to create a marketing strategy. You can afford to throw money around and hope something works. But, if...


Website Content is King

Written by Meredith Oliver If you want your Website to WOW, content is king. Content refers to the copy, images, links and multimedia used on the site. Think about content in terms of building a house. The higher the quality...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

High Tech, High Touch Complimentary Recorded Webinar

Written by Meredith Oliver Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting the “High Tech, High Touch” webinar version of our LIVE session at the 50+ Housing Symposium in Philadelphia, PA with Janis Ehlers of The Ehlers Group and Josh Shron of...

Social Media

Facebook Most Popular Social Networking Site

Written by Meredith Oliver It’s like high school all over again! Doesn’t social media feel that way somtimes! Good news Facebook fans; even if you weren’t popular in high school, if you are on Facebook, you are in the most...

Social Media

Bringing It All Together – Live Chat, Google Search & Twitter

Written by Meredith Oliver I had a cool Internet marketing experience this morning! I was working on the next edition of our eNewsletter when our Live Chat account dinged to let me know someone was visiting our Web site. I checked the Live Chat operator control panel...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

Best Buy In The Airport

Written by Meredith Oliver I am speaking tomorrow in Atlanta, GA at the Southern Building Show and look what I found in the Orlando airport! Best Buy has a kiosk selling every type of technology you can imagine. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksdzQX12uro] Technology kiosks are...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

Blogging for Homebuilders (Part II)

Written by Meredith Oliver In the part 1 of Blogging for Builders, I talked about the basics of blogging such as why blog, what is a blog and how to set up a blog. Today I am teaching part 2 of the webinar and wanted to...


Your Website Should Be Thoughtless

Written by Meredith Oliver PODCAST: Click link to play, Website Tips for Homebuilders [8:32] For this week’s blog, I am including a podcast of a seminar I taught recently for a group of homebuilders in Washington DC. The recording is...

Small Business Marketing

Internet Marketing to Boomers

Written by Meredith Oliver I spoke yesterday at the National Association of Homebuilder’s 50+ Housing Symposium in Philadelphia, PA. I was honored to speak with Janis Ehlers of The Ehlers Group and Josh Shron of Stampless Marketing. We spoke on how to...

Small Business Marketing

Save the Click, Save the World

Written by Meredith Oliver Remember “save the cheerleader, save the world”…a phrase made popular during the first season of the television show Heroes? In this post, I am going to teach you how to save yourself repetitive clicks and maximize your...

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FANtastic Selling

4 Tricks To Sell To Affluents

Move-up buyers can be a tricky sell. Not only are they spending more money—with which may come more demands—but they also have high expectations for you, the person selling them the home! Consider that affluent buyers know exactly what they...


FANtastic Marketing Don’t: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Are you a business owner? Then you probably have goals in mind when it comes to your organization. Goals that go a little something like this: Discover which marketing trends and tactics will give me the biggest ROI Grow my...

Content Marketing

Posting To Social Media With Purpose

Here’s some good news: You do not need to participate on every available social media channel to be successful with it as a sales strategy. WOW, that is probably a huge relief, right? That being said, if you enjoy social...


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