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#WhatWeDo Wednesday – REMODology

Written by Meredith Oliver It is an honor to feature REMODology this week in our #WhatWeDo Wednesday column. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stephen Gidus for 15 years through the Home Builders Association of Metro Orlando. We reconnected in...


Top 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever tried to view a website on a mobile phone? Did you find what you needed or leave in frustration? Even though a majority of mobile phone users surf the web from their phones, plenty of website owners...

Mobile Marketing

Top 6 Smart Phone Apps for Sales People

How did we ever do business before the smart phone? It’s hard to imagine anymore! It seems like every week there’s another new app to help sales people become more productive. Here are the top 6 apps your sales team...

Mobile Marketing

Digitize Business Cards with a Phone App

  Written by Meredith Oliver Networking events are great for making connections and building relationships that can eventually turn into leads for your sales team. The trouble comes with finding a way to keep track of all the business cards...


11 Best WordPress Plugins to Get Your Business Blog in Gear!

Written by Meredith Oliver I’ve been a WordPress fan and user for years. The beauty of WordPress is that you can start blogging risk free (WordPress has a free blogging platform) and see if it works for you. It’s a great way...

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Content Marketing

These 5 Tips Will Show You How To Use Video Content to Build Communities

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video says even more words than that! That’s because videos, similarly to pictures, gives potential customers a visual—and humans are visual creatures. But they often have more pull than...

FANtastic Selling

How To Craft The Perfect Conversation With Homebuyers

As a sales professional, what you present to your customers is important. That’s why you have a marketing plan that includes social media and advertising. But your plan should also include customer conversations. How do you talk to potential buyers?...

Content Marketing

How To Use Drones to Increase Your Home Sales

The way a home looks, both on the inside and outside, is obviously a major factor when deciding to purchase a home. Is the kitchen big enough? Are there enough bedrooms? Is there an open floor plan? But do you...


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