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FANtastic Marketing Tips

How to Create the Perfect Real Estate Post for Facebook

With more than a billion users on Facebook now, it’s tougher than ever to reach your followers without having to pay for ads. Organic reach is so low that only about 6 percent of your fans will ever see your...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

The Five Real Estate Agents We All Hate on Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents, helping them to land new clients and find buyers for their listings. Unfortunately, some agents are clueless about how to use Facebook for business. When you read through the...


Home Builder App Builds Referral Sales With Social Media

What do pizza restaurants, retail stores and diaper manufacturers have in common? They are all doing a great job of encouraging consumers to promote them on social media, and we as home builders could learn a few things from them!...


How Real Estate Agents Can Leverage Social Media to Create Email Messages

Among marketing tools, email is probably the most powerful when it comes to lead nurturing and lead conversion for real estate agents. But social media has become an important player too. And if you’ve been able to create a successful...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

Home Builders: Five Sales & Marketing Resolutions For 2014

Do you want to increase market share? Dominate your buyer niche? Increase profitability?  Whatever your bottom line goal is for 2014, you will need a sales and marketing strategy that compliments your goals. Here are five New Year’s resolutions your...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

Home Builder Marketing: Facebook Contests Can Engage Your Fans

Facebook contests are a great way for home builders and other businesses to grow their fan pages, engage their customers and generate leads. Recently, Facebook made a rule change that may affect how you choose to operate your promotions. In...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – Engaging Facebook Updates

Written by Meredith Oliver You are on Facebook. Your fans are on Facebook. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook browsing status updates, pictures, and videos of their friends, family, and favorite bands or brands. So how do you actually encourage...

Social Media

Best E-Commerce Apps for Facebook

  Written by Meredith Oliver If you’re reluctant to spend money on Facebook advertising, there are other ways to generate sales from the popular social networking site. You can sell products directly to your Facebook fans from your Facebook page...

FANtastic Marketing Tips

#FanFactor Friday – The Fan Experience

Written by Meredith Oliver A few days ago I presented “The Fan Factor” at the Pacific Coast Builders Show, Professional Women in Building Luncheon in San Francisco, CA. In my keynote, I explain what rock stars, politicians, major sport stars, and your...

Social Media

How to Use Sponsored Posts on Facebook

  Written by Meredith Oliver Facebook is an effective marketing tool for your business when you provide great content for your fans. However, it is challenging to continually keep your content fresh and at the top of your fans’ news...

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FANtastic Selling

4 Tricks To Sell To Affluents

Move-up buyers can be a tricky sell. Not only are they spending more money—with which may come more demands—but they also have high expectations for you, the person selling them the home! Consider that affluent buyers know exactly what they...


FANtastic Marketing Don’t: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Are you a business owner? Then you probably have goals in mind when it comes to your organization. Goals that go a little something like this: Discover which marketing trends and tactics will give me the biggest ROI Grow my...

Content Marketing

Posting To Social Media With Purpose

Here’s some good news: You do not need to participate on every available social media channel to be successful with it as a sales strategy. WOW, that is probably a huge relief, right? That being said, if you enjoy social...


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