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Successfully Monitor and Measure Your Digital Content

July 30, 2019

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You spend a lot of time putting together your content. You work hard to make it creative and engaging. Despite all of this, the only true purpose of your content is to drive people to your site and increase business. In order to make the most of your content, it’s essential to track its effectiveness. But trying to decide how to measure and monitor your content can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start! Honestly, there are so many analytics options—and what they measure— these days that it’s easy to get lost in it all. But never fear—Meredith Communications has been helping our clients with this for a long time—and we’re going to help you, too. If you are looking to start tracking your content, consider the following five metrics when you review your analytics.

  1. Pageviews

Pageviews are a basic web analytical measurement. Ultimately, your content should be designed to drive people to your page. If your pageviews go up, you are having some level of success with your content. If your pageviews are stagnant, it may be time to reconsider your content strategy.

  1. Visitors

Take a look at your page visitors. Is the number of unique visitors up? Do you have a lot of new visitors? Are visitors returning to your site? All of these numbers are key to your content success. They help you to measure the reach of your content. The mix of visitors should be strong — you want to attract new users and keep the current users. 

  1. Time Spent on the Page

The amount of time spent on your page is a strong indicator your content’s success. If users are only on your page for a few seconds, they may have quickly lost interest in your content. If they spend more time there (1-3 minutes) you can determine that it’s more successful. Compare your articles. Which ones make people to stay longer? Try to figure out why one article is more successful than the others and aim to create similar content.

  1. Engagement

Did your content receive a lot of likes and shares on social media? While both engagement types are good, shares are stronger than likes. Shares mean that your reader liked the content enough that they want others to read it as well, thus broadening your audience. 

  1. Pages Per Session

If the reader moved on to other pages on your site, that means your content is intriguing enough to cause them to seek out even more content.  This is what you want your content to do. Another way to increase the number of pages per session is make sure to add clickables in the content to encourage moving ahead to more pages.   

There are many more ways to measure the success of your content on your website, but these 5 are a great start. But if you decide that you need help with your digital marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to contact Meredith Communications.

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