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Successful Marketing For Homebuilders Begins With These Three Actions

July 10, 2019

When you’re in the business of homebuilding, the land procurement and home construction side of the business often takes precedence. Creating beautiful new homes takes a lot of hard work, after all! And ensuring that all of the details are perfect before opening a new model or community to potential homeowners is of course necessary. But if you don’t also pay attention to your marketing leading up to the opening of your model or community, you’ll only attract the sounds of crickets. So how can you reach highly interested potential customers with marketing? It’s easier than you think.

Utilize SEO

Consider the words and phrases your ideal buyer might be typing into Google at this very moment when searching for their dream home. Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the probability that your website will show up in those results. So don’t ignore its importance! Let’s say you want your company’s website to be on the first page of Google search results when someone searches for, “custom home builder North Carolina.” Assuming you’re not already on the first page for this phrase, here are a few things you could do that may help you get there:

  • Add this phrase to your page titles
  • Add this phrase to your homepage copy
  • Add this phrase to content (e.g. blogs) that you upload to your website

That being said, it’s important to not “stuff” your website with a specific keyword or phrase over and over. Actually providing the information people are searching for with that phrase is key!


Create An Extensive Online Portfolio

A new construction home is very personal to the homebuyer. It’s also incredibly visual and requires a lot of attention to detail. No doubt you want to show potential customers what you’re capable of. And of course, you could ideally interact with them at your office or model home. But very few people hop in the car and randomly drive around to see new homes. That is unless they’re incredibly interested in what you’re offering first! So to do that, include galleries of your work as well as virtual tours on your website. Ensure that visitors have the ability to see what you can really do through visuals. They should be able to enlarge photos to get a good look at the intrinsic details you include. SEO HINT: Optimize these pages with a phrase like “custom home builder photo gallery” or “model home in Raleigh” to help you with your search engine goals.


Be Present Online

This one sounds easy, but many home builders flounder, here. It’s incredibly important to have at least one individual in your business whose sole job is to interact with your local community. What do I mean by this? It starts with being present on social media. Many builders find that Facebook is the easiest way to communicate, but platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest can also help you find new leads as well as build stronger relationships within your community. And interacting on it every single day will do wonders for building your customer base. But being present online doesn’t end with social media. Find out what your target customers are wanting to know and write content such as blogs, case studies, and even enewsletters with education as your goal. Talk about things like how long it takes you to build a new home, how to choose the right lot, the latest trends in floorings or finishes…you get the picture. Always keep content fresh. Never let your blog or sit more than about a week without adding new information!


These marketing methods may take a little getting used to. But practicing is key—as is continuing to educate yourself about the homebuilding industry. Remember—if your business needs help with social media or SEO, contact Meredith Communications and check out our digital marketing services.

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