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    Prepare Your Holiday Marketing With These Five Tips

    November 1, 2019

    Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s the time of year to spend time with family and friends, and even to throw festivities! As a homebuilder, the holidays are also the perfect time to showcase how your available homes can be a part of the magic. And that’s why it’s essential to ramp up your marketing game for the holidays now in order to draw in new customers and hit that holiday marketing sweet spot. Consider the following five tips to create a holiday marketing plan that will be a FANtastic success!

    1. Create Excitement

    Anticipation can create a buzz for your business. Teasing an upcoming holiday special, deal or announcement which will keep people tuned in to your social media and website. Make videos, memes, or other social media posts that are engaging to keep people coming back to find out about the pending news. For instance, the holidays are a perfect time to create excitement about a brand new community opening in the New Year or a fabulous new model that has recently been completed! Another idea is to talk about end-of-year specials on your move-in ready homes.

    2. Involve Your Customers

    What better way to attract new homebuyers than by asking those who have already purchased homes with you to share their holiday pictures at home? Ask those in your communities for submissions of photos of their porches, family rooms, or fireplaces all decked out for the holidays. Or request that they share on their social media channel with a hashtag you’ve made up toward this marketing effort. Showing that current customers are happy in their new homes is not only an excellent marketing tactic, it allows new customers the ability to imagine themselves in one of your homes during the holidays!

    3. Highlight Something Special about Your Brand

    All of your homes all offer something special. From the floorplans to the unique design touches to the finishes you’ve chosen, plan to showcase them in your holiday marketing. For example, if your homes feature kitchens with fantastic upgrades and stainless steel appliances, show them off in staged photos and let potential homebuyers imagine themselves cooking in a similar kitchen for the holidays next year. Got a large, open dining area perfect for holiday entertaining? Stage some photos of it!


    4. Organize Contests and Incentives

    Entice people to come in to see your homes by offering prizes and raffles. You could raffle off items for their new home—upgraded finishes, for example, or a new fence. You can also offer gift cards to potential homebuyers who stop by to tour and fill out a questionnaire about what they’re looking for. You can even add incentives for your current homeowners for connecting with potential buyers on social media or sharing photos and stories about your communities.


    5. Don’t Forget a Call to Action

    No matter how you decide to market for the holidays, don’t forget to include a call to action! A call to action can include anything that encourages a potential customer to do something. For example, add a link to click on for more information or to schedule a tour. A call to action will help you truly analyze the effectiveness of your holiday campaigns.

    There you have it! 5 ways you can prepare your homebuilder holiday marketing and ensure you have a FANtastic end to the year. Need help? Contact Meredith Communications and ask us about our offerings.

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