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    Posting To Social Media With Purpose

    January 8, 2020

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    Here’s some good news: You do not need to participate on every available social media channel to be successful with it as a sales strategy. WOW, that is probably a huge relief, right? That being said, if you enjoy social media, want to participate on a lot of channels, and have a high degree of technical skills, more power to you! Go for it! My business has certainly benefited from a large social media footprint. For those of you feeling overwhelmed, I would encourage you to select two to three social media channels that match your fan base and that suit your technical abilities and participate in those channels consistently. Here’s how to do that.


    Where do your fans typically “hang out” online? If you aren’t sure, ask them! Make social media part of your sales process. Ask your fans what social media channels they use and ask permission to connect during your very first sales conversation.

    Also, when considering which social media channel is the best fit for you and your business, it’s helpful to know your own technical expertise and communication style. Have you read the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham? It’s several years old, but still powerful and relevant. In the book, Buckingham makes the point that we often focus on improving our weaknesses rather than further enhancing and leveraging our strengths. His research found that career success comes from our strengths not our attempts to mitigate our weaknesses. I couldn’t agree more.


    If you love to use your camera to take photos and film videos, then Instagram and YouTube are perfect channels for you. But if you would rather die than be in a selfie video then don’t do it! If tweeting multiple times a day and the snarky tone of Twitter makes your blood boil, don’t do it. Select another channel. If you love to write, then start a blog. However, if you can’t put three coherent sentences together and struggle with writing basic emails, why are you trying to blog and shaming yourself in the process? Stop the madness! If cat videos and vacation photos drive you crazy, then Facebook is not for you.

    Take time to review the culture and communication style of each social media channel and match that to your own communication style and technical abilities. This ensures that you will consistently be present on the channels and not procrastinate because you dread participating. My prediction is that once your start seeing results from being sociable on social media, you will be willing to push yourself to learn additional channels. There is nothing like success as a motivation factor!

    Did you enjoy the above advice about choosing the right social media channel for yourself and your business? Then you’ll love my book, FANtastic Selling: The 10 Undeniable Traits of Rock-Star, Top-Producing, Quota-Busting Salespeople. Buy it now on Amazon!

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