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Our Top Three Digital Marketing Articles | October 17

October 17, 2018

Meredith's Top 3 Digital Marketing ArticlesIn this week’s digital marketing article roundup, I’m sharing some of the latest tech developments that you should keep on your radar – like 3D photos on Facebook and voice-activated tech. It’s always fun to learn what’s new on the horizon in technology and how it can affect (and benefit!) your home builder and/or realty business!

How Voice-Activated Tech Will Change Content Marketing by Jodi Harris

Technology will constantly change. Just as we’ve all become accustomed to mobile marketing and how to utilize it for our businesses, the next big thing is here. And that’s voice-activated tech. Smart speakers are becoming more and more popular and adults are saying they would rather use voice-activated search than traditional website searches. Studies show that consumers are using voice-activated tech to help them learn more about a product, add items to their shopping list, and compare prices. However, consumers aren’t currently using it to actively participate in the buying process … just yet. While maximizing this new tech for your company will likely take a lot of forethought and strategy, having engaging, relevant, and important content on your website is key.

My reflections: It’s always good to stay on top of the latest tech, especially when it comes to ways to get your business seen by customers. We all likely know that voice-activated search has become more and more popular. It seems everyone these days has an Alexa or Google Home and people are constantly using their phones to search for things. This is definitely an important area of marketing that your team will want to keep on the radar.

Why Content Marketing on LinkedIn Deserves a Second Look by Tim Queen

LinkedIn has more than 500 million active members and more than 20% of its users are senior-level decision makers. However, sometimes it can feel like there isn’t a lot of authentic marketing happening – but rather just a lot of trying to sell. Similar to any other social media channel, you have a chance to be sharing helping information that will allow people to start recognizing and trusting your brand. The 80%-20% of 80% helpful information to 20% sales posts is a great rule of thumb. To really maximize LinkedIn, it’s important to know the type of content they value and how they display it in newsfeeds. LinkedIn wants to be known as a leader in business content, so they are in competition with both YouTube and Facebook as the top platform for video content. Video can be a great place to start – and maximizing your videos with things like captions is key.

My reflections: When working on a social media platform, it’s always important to focus on the channel you’re pushing content out to. You’ll push different content in a different way to Twitter than you will to LinkedIn. Also, knowing what each platform prefers in terms of content will help you to maximize your efforts.

Facebook rolls out 3D photos that use AI to simulate depth by Josh Constine

Facebook is rolling out a new feature 3D photos. Its goal is to make your photos look like they have more depth. Everyone can view the photos on their feeds now, but the ability to create them will be rolling out to people within the next several weeks. You’ll have to shoot the photo in portrait mode because doing so takes a photo with both of the cameras simultaneously. It can then use those differences to recreate what’s in the background of the photo. Facebook is always testing new ideas to bring and keep people to the site and this is just their latest strategy.

My reflections: It’s always interesting to see the new tech that Facebook rolls out with. The roll-out of 3D photos in newsfeeds could be a great addition to home builders and realtors because it can help bring life to the photos you’re sharing which can bring more views and interactions. It’s definitely a feature to keep on your radar and experiment with once it’s available to you.

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