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Our Top Three Digital Marketing Articles | November 7

November 7, 2018

Meredith's Top 3 Digital Marketing Articles

How to Repurpose and Syndicate Your Blog Posts for More Exposure by Erin Sanchez

Repurposing your content can be overwhelming and confusing even for seasoned marketers. One the one hand we all know it’s a good idea to work to get our content out there on many different platforms, especially after we worked so hard on creating it. On the other hand, how do we do so without negatively impacting our website’s SEO? Medium is one great option for repurposing content and it allows you to directly pull in the posts from your site (formatting and all). In terms of SEO – the use of a “canonical tag” with republished content can help circumvent such issues. This tag (appearing in the code) serves to mark republished blog posts as duplicate posts. This preserves your hard worked on SEO. You can also repost your articles on LinkedIn, through LinkedIn Publishing. However,  you can’t use the “canonical tag”. This can make things a bit trickier. Social Media Examiner recommends not repurposing your blog posts immediately on LinkedIn and instead, waiting at least a few days, if not a few weeks. You can also search for sites that allow for syndication (like HuffPost, Slate, etc). These are large sites that are looking for quality pieces to publish on their sites. While searching, you can also check with them to see if they’ll use a “canonical tag”. If they don’t, you’ll have to decide if the exposure to their audience is worth the potential negative impact on your blog post’s SEO. Guest posting is another option that is similar to syndication. It allows your post to be featured on a different site (often times with a different or larger following), but normally the post is original content.

My reflections: Blogging is always a good idea for your website’s SEO and a strategy I highly recommend. I also agree that it’s important to get your work out there so that more people see it and are driven back to your site. All of these are good options and the specific strategy you decide to go with will ultimately depend on your end goal. So it’s important to take stock in what you’re trying to achieve and which route will help you best accomplish that (and that may come with some trial and error to find the best route for your business).

4 Steps to Speed Up Your Website and Look Better to Google by Aleh Barysevich

We’re all used to receiving information almost at the speed of light these days. And it’s no different for the time we want to wait for a website to load. For example, in retail, a 1-second delay in a mobile load time can cost up to a 20% decrease in conversions. Additionally, Google made speed a ranking factor for mobile devices. So how do you make your website faster? First, you can check out the Chrome User Experience Report, which is the place where Google gets its information. It’s public data that shows how users interact with your site, how long the page takes to load, the devices people use, etc. Then you want to identify the weak spots on your website. Tooks like PageSpeed Insights can help you identify these areas. You’ll also want to work on your optimization score. Things that can affect optimization include long redirect chains, the compression of large files (images, videos, etc.), your caching policy, etc. And finally, if your website is still loading slowly, it may be time for some reorganization. You might need to minimize the number of images (especially the number of full-size images), etc.

My reflections: Any tweaks that you can do to your website to help with user experience is a good idea. You don’t want to work so hard on optimizing your SEO on blog posts, for example, but have a slow loading website that when people get there it doesn’t load in a good amount of time and then end up clicking away. The goal is to get people to your website and keep them there.

Vimeo integrates with LinkedIn to enable video publishing to company pages by Amy Gesenhues

You can now publish videos directly to your LinkedIn company page directly from a Vimeo account through the “Publish to Social” feature. Vimeo is the first video platform to offer end-to-end integration with LinkedIn company pages. If you’re a paid subscriber you can directly post videos and also track how your video is doing on LinkedIn.

My reflections: If you use video heavily in your business, this is now a great option to directly share videos to your LinkedIn company page and track the analytics. This can be a great option for home builders or real estate agents if they film videos of properties to be able to share them directly on LinkedIn.

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