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New Facebook Business Page Templates

September 5, 2018

New Facebook Business Page TemplatesIf you have a business page on Facebook, you will love the new templates that are being released later this month. Facebook has made many improvements to the pages, especially those seen in mobile view, that will help you connect more easily with your customers.

Facebook has also added enhancements for the pages that will allow you to post your business hours, a menu, allow customers to schedule an appointment, or accept job applications. Additional features will also become available over the next few months.

The new features will allow visitors to your page to post recommendations about your business and access the story of your business and how it has changed or grown with ease. Both of these features help you to personally connect with your customers and introduce you to potential clients. You will also be able to update more information throughout your page to ensure that your visitors are always “in the know.”

The new templates will also allow businesses to utilize additional features that Facebook is rolling out over the next few months. Additionally, Facebook will start integrating Facebook Events with the new business pages. This will allow visitors to learn about events you may be at or that you sponsor which will further engage potential clients or customers. Currently, over 7 million people use Facebook Events to find things to do and it is anticipated that this new feature will double that figure.

Facebook has stated that this is one of the most comprehensive makeovers that it has done to the business pages since they first launched. The site has updated their pages continually, but it has never upgraded this much at one time. They believe that the response is going to be very positive for businesses and their clients alike.

If you are excited about the new Facebook changes, you don’t have to worry about making any of the changes to your site.  If you are not interested in making any changes to your current business site, you have the option of keeping the old template for the time being. Facebook is not requiring upgrades across the site at this time.

We encourage you to take advantage of the new upgrades that are being offered. Each of these enhancements will allow you to connect better with your customers or clients and are created to help drive sales to businesses like yours. The changes are all very positive and beneficial to your Facebook page. Have questions about the new changes or social media marketing in general? Contact Meredith Communications today.

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