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Meredith’s New Book, “The Fan Factor” Available Soon

January 12, 2012

Written by Meredith Oliver

Meredith Oliver, the founder and president of Creating WOW Communications, a web-based marketing and sales training company, announces the launch of her latest book, “The Fan Factor: 20 Slam Dunk Secrets to Engage Your Online Audience.” This follow up to her first book, “Click Power: The Proven System to Increase Sales,” helps online marketers increase their sales by tapping into the mindset of their fans. Books and ebooks will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned for more information about sales.

Meredith asks, what’s your #FanFactor? How confident are you in your online marketing? Can your customers hear you? Are your social networking sites improving your sales? With more than 700 Facebook updates per second, 50 million Tweets per day and 14.65 BILLION web pages, are your online prospects hearing your message?

Through “The Fan Factor,” Meredith will teach you 20 trade secrets for converting online fans into engaged buyers. With a memorable online presence, you can grow your company’s fan base and build web-based buzz for your brand, product or service.

“The Fan Factor” will also guide you through the Internet’s cacophony of social media updates and help you learn to maximize your social networking ROI. Start building your Internet marketing strategy and reaching more of your online consumers today. Ask yourself …

  • How often does your salesperson report a prospect purchased a product or service as a direct result of your online presence?
  • How many “Contact Us” request forms do you receive each month from your website?
  • How often does a customer reply via email or purchase a product/service from your email campaigns?
  • How often does someone comment on your blog or “Like” your Facebook posts?
  • How often are your tweets re-tweeted?

If you are worried your message isn’t breaking through, don’t be! Today you can use word-of-mouse to reach out to potential customers who have never heard of your product or service. If your online marketing is pervasive and persuasive enough, potential customers won’t know the difference between your company and the big guys. You can look big, deliver big, and, most importantly, SELL big!

“The Fan Factor” is for the brave sales and marketing professionals who are already using Internet marketing and want to improve their results.

Even if you aren’t into sports, Meredith shows you how to market and sell online products more successfully by studying the psychology of sports fans. By reading “The Fan Factor,” you will learn to effectively tap into the mindset of a fan to target social media and online marketing to each fan’s sense of Identity, Self-Esteem, Escapism, State Change, and Sense of Belonging.

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