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Live Chat Dos & Don’ts

December 18, 2018

Homebuilders that are featuring a live chat option on their websites have seen a significant increase in potential buyers. Visitors to the site enjoy being able to contact someone on the spot with a question. Having the ability to answer that question right then can lead to an in-person visit.

Of course, how you handle your potential clients when you are in live chat will make a difference in the outcome of the conversation. There are several things that you should and should not do when talking with a client via live chat.

Things You Must Do When Engaged in an Online Chat

• Be very polite and friendly – always. Start the conversation by introducing yourself by name and ask how the client would like to be addressed. This is a great way to establish respect between the two parties.

• Make sure to check your spelling before hitting send. Spelling errors look very unprofessional.

• Answer all questions honestly. If you are unsure of an answer, tell the client that you need to contact someone for information and you would be pleased to contact them as soon as possible with the answer.

• Be patient. Some people have turned to online chat because they feel uncomfortable talking on the phone. Language barriers and other issues may make it hard for your customer to articulate what they want to say. Be patient, ask questions, and provide the best answers you can with a smile.  Yes, with a smile. Smiling creates a friendly voice.

• Have information easily accessible. People love online chat because it is quick and easy. Make sure that you have access to information about your homes or communities easily accessible.

Things You Should Never Do in an Online Chat

• Use cap-locks. It is common belief that the use of all capital letters is a way of a person shouting at you over text. Even if you are just trying to express a point nicely or trying to emphasize a point, avoid all caps.

• Lose your temper. If someone is being unreasonable – and, yes, that does happen – simply tell the person that you will transfer them to a person that will be able to better serve them. Even if you are the only person working the chat, let them wait a minute or two and start over under a fresh name.

• Avoid too much technical jargon. You may be very familiar with all the technical terms in the homebuilding industry, but your client is not. Keep things simple.

Using these tips will help make the difference between mediocre customer service and outstanding customer relations! And may just turn your lead into a customer.

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