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Lake Ashton Resales Launches New Website With Help from Meredith Communications

December 7, 2016


Most retirees will tell you that they don’t want to waste a second of their free time. That’s why when Lake Ashton Resales, one of Florida’s premier active retirement destinations, contacted Meredith Communications about updating their website, we knew they needed a design that got right to the point.

On their new homepage, Lake Ashton Resales lets potential customers perform a quick property search right away. Interested parties can look by price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, or all three. Featuring a variety of homes for sale, the new Lake Ashton Resales website also allows potential homebuyers to view featured property amenities, a Lake Ashton sitemap, and special financing offers.

Newly listed properties are also available for viewing on the homepage. Clients can view the slideshow or simply click a property that catches their eye to get more information. No doubt about it, the updates design ensures that site visitors quickly learn about the functional designs, natural surroundings, and quality land development that make these homes the ideal choice for home buyers.

As an added bonus, users can sign up to receive more information on new listings via email directly from the homepage. This not only generates new leads for Lake Ashton Resales, it also helps the company to build and nurture relationships that are essential to succeeding in today’s online marketplace.

Overall, the new Lake Ashton Resales website utilizes a clean and streamlined design to improve the user experience and prevent unwanted clutter. This design not only helps individuals find the information they want fast, it also reduces friction that leads to higher bounce rates and poor website performance. Plus, the website design is responsive, making it easily viewed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. By clearly delivering their message to prospective buyers, Lake Ashton Resales puts themselves on the cutting-edge of property sales in Florida.

Want to get a feel for Lake Ashton Resales’s personality?

Do you love the look of Lake Ashton Resale’s new website? Contact Meredith Communications and schedule your free consultation today.

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