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Increase Content Engagement and Clicks With Tools You Already Have

May 14, 2019

Improving your website content engagement will help your site get a better rating in web searches. And that’s a good thing because it means you’ll ultimately bring more visitors to your page. But you may feel like increasing your click-through rate is too difficult. Where do you even begin? The good news is you probably already have the tools you need to make this happen. But you need to better utilize them. Consider these tips to improve your clickables and ultimately increase engagement on your site.  

Increase entry points to your content.

Can you only reach content on your site from one point? One way you can increase clicks on your site is to make sure there are plenty of points through which your visitors can access information. Think of the way you personally seek out information on a website. Do you go looking for something specific? Do you just stumble upon items that interest you? Your customers search in multiple ways so it’s important to provide click points to match everyone’s search habits. For example, you should provide easy-to-see links to main topics across the top of your website. Dropdown menus can be used in addition to the top of page links for those who are looking for more specific information. And finally, providing links and calls to action within your content can encourage visitors to click to more content throughout your site.  

Make buttons and links more visible. 

If your buttons and links blend in too much, people won’t click on them. Contrast is important when designing website buttons. In general, small buttons should have a stark contrast to the site’s background to make them more visible. Consider color theory when selecting what colors to make your buttons. Color theory can help you understand which colors prompt different actions. Find more about color theory here. Likewise, links embedded in your content should be obvious—choose a bright color. This makes it easier to find. Images should also be clickable, especially on the mobile version of your site.  

Improve headlines and photos.

Catchy headlines and photos entice more clicks. When teasing with content, be sure that the headlines and photos you use attract attention. If you aren’t sure if they’re engaging enough, test their clickability by sharing the content on your social media platforms. If they’re not attracting clicks through FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, it may be a sign that your headlines and photos need to be more compelling!

Improving engagement and clicks on your website is an ongoing process that you should re-evaluate often. But taking simple steps with tools already at your disposal can make it easier for visitors to connect with your page and ultimately give your site the added boost that it needs. And don’t forget— if you need help attracting, engaging, and converting more sales, contact Meredith Communications.

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