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Improve Foot Traffic To Your Model Home

May 7, 2019

Driving more foot traffic to your model home may seem daunting. Maybe it’s because traditional techniques don’t work as well as they used to. These days, you need to do more than bunker down for an all-week open house and advertise in the local paper. But foot traffic is essential to selling homes, so getting people in the door is necessary. How? Begin with the following four options.

1. Use Pictures to Tell a Story

People need to see themselves living in a home. That means that the photos you take of your model home need to help potential buyers imagine living there. In today’s digital world, most house hunters start their searches online, so make sure you invest in quality photos and video of your model home. Don’t have the budget for a pro to shoot the photos? Take pictures of your model home on a bright, sunny day to improve its brightness. Opening curtains when taking pictures can help. Starting a fire in the fireplace and decorating the model with neutral but cozy furniture will help homebuyers see themselves living in the home, too. 

2. Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is the biggest advertising channel available—and it’s free!—so use it to your advantage. Those brilliant photos that you took are only great if people see them. And a well thought out social media plan can help potential home buyers discover your model homes. Don’t just stick with pictures, though. Videos garner a lot of traffic on social media, so take potential homebuyers on a video tour of the model home. Or focus your video on a special feature of the home for a quick “check this out” snippet.

Most importantly, when you advertise on social media it’s important to engage with your fans. Monitor posts, answer questions and add more info in the comments section. All of these engagement techniques will make you more approachable, which in turn will drive foot traffic to your model home.

3. Make Open House Options Inviting and Memorable

Open houses are not things of the past, but they need to be more inviting than “stop by and see our home.” Entice foot traffic to your open house by providing additional incentives. For example, a small giveaway for people who visit your open house can drive up foot traffic. You could also partner with a local business to help showcase their products—and encourage them to advertise too. An example would be partnering with the store that loans you the furniture you have your model staged with. 

No matter what, your open house needs to be about quality, not quantity. In other words, it’s more important to make the experience memorable than to host your open house for an entire weekend.

4. Signs and More Signs

While many people start their home searches online, let’s not dismiss the prospect of good signage. Good signs that are placed well can cause potential homebuyers to stop on impulse. Your signs can advertise special features of the model home. You can also use them to advertise your special events and why the open house will be memorable. Balloons are also a fun way to draw attention to the property.  

Don’t be too concerned about how you’re going to draw traffic to your model home in today’s digital age. With so many options at your fingertips, it’s easy to find a good fit!

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