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    How to Tell a Story With Your Brand 

    June 4, 2019

    Here’s a fact that you probably know but aren’t always aware of. Stories are a big part of our lives. And no matter what type of story we like, the key to a great story is that it draws us in, holds our attention, and connects with us. It makes us want to learn or read more. But we’re not only talking about books, here. We’re also talking about your business’s brand story. 

    When it comes to digital marketing, storytelling is essential. It helps your company make connections and gain and keep customers. Using your brand to tell a story allows people to connect your brand with an experience. And getting potential fans emotionally involved can lead to sales. It also helps people gain trust in your company. But how do you use your brand to tell a story? The following are tried and true options you’ll want to attempt either on your website or in your blog.  

    Tell your origin story. People relate to other people, to their passions, and to their dreams. Your company had a starting point, an aha!” moment that caused you to create it. Tell that story. For example, if you started your homebuilding company because of a great (or terrible) experience buying a first home, tell people about that. Be honest and sincere in your origin story because it will help draw people in. 

    Introduce your staff. Again, people connect with people. Hearing about the people who make it all happen shows that you have a respect for your staff, which will in turn help people respect your company. Don’t just showcase your visible staff, however. Make sure to introduce people who are behind the scenes as well. The ones your buyers may never see. From tech support to social media staffers, your employees go beyond customer-facing individuals! 

    Showcase your customers. Buying a new home is a very personal experience. Ask a customer who recently had a home built or recently purchased a home to share their experience with others. You can interview them or ask them to write a short paragraph that you can share on your website. Sharing great experiences is the perfect way to connect with customers and generate trust in your brand.  

    Explain your process. The process behind homebuilding, or any company, is one that is often foreign to customers. Most people only buy one or two homes in their lifetime—so they don’t know the industry like an expert would! But explaining the process shows the thought behind your way of doing things. And it explains why your way could be the best way for them. 

    Overall, using your brand to tell a story is a way to connect with current and future customers. No matter what avenue you take to tell your story: Videos, pictures, social media posts, etc.remember a few things when putting them together.  

    First, know your audience. If your audience is very visual, make sure your story reflects that. If they prefer one social media channel over another, make sure to put your focus there. Second, keep it short and simple. A five-minute video is not necessary when a 30-second one will do. Most people have short attention spans, so short is better than long. Third, stay positive! Don’t use your storytelling to put down your competition or for complaining of any sort. Keep your message friendly. 

    Telling a story with your brand is essential to building your business. So don’t be afraid to try a few different things to see what works! 

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