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How to Engage Your Social Media Followers from A to Z – Part 1 of 2

February 9, 2016

Are you stuck for new ideas when it comes to posting on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Even the most experienced social media marketers find it challenging to keep up with the demand for fresh content. If you’re in that boat, here are some creative ways to keep yourself supplied with a continuous stream of social media posts.


Attention-Grabbing Quotes: Motivational quotes are extremely popular on social media. You can search online for quotes to post, or create your own images using a service like Canva or PicMonkey. Don’t limit yourself to inspirational quotes either. You can use quotes from blog posts, books or seminars. Tip: Tag the person you’re quoting when you publish the post. They may follow you and share your post in return.

Book Recommendations: The next time you read a book your audience could benefit from, tell them why you liked the book in a post.

Celebrate Company Milestones: Share your company’s accomplishments with your followers. They will happy to celebrate a major anniversary or new project. It’s a good way to build a stronger connection with your audience, especially when you include an image with the news.

Dates that are Fun to Recognize: Create content around a themed day, week or month that aligns with your business, such as National Chocolate Week or Bad Poetry Day. It’s a great way to encourage engagement from your fans.

Evergreen Content: Great advice never changes, even though social media does. Share some of the best tips from your blog.

Feature Hashtagged Events: Take part in regular hashtagged events like Twitter’s #FollowFriday or Facebook’s #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT). These events are popular and provide an opportunity for you to showcase your personality.

Giveaways and Contests: Sweepstakes and contests always get big engagement on social media since they’re an opportunity to encourage fans and followers to share your content or link. Make it easy for people to participate and be sure to follow each social networking site’s terms of service so you don’t get into trouble.

Help Your Followers Out: Watch for questions or problems relating to your industry, and your company in particular. Answer questions in a friendly way. Save the sales discussion for another day.

Interview Staff: Social media fans love to see what goes on behind the scenes at a company. Take turns interviewing your staff and include a photo of the person with your post.

Jokes and Lighthearted Posts: Social media is “social” so once in a while, it’s ok to post something a little more lighthearted than usual. Jokes and funny images are usually well received and tend to deliver increased engagement.

Kids’ Photos: It’s no secret that kittens are the number one way to get engagement on social media, but cute kids are a close second. Look for some sweet viral videos or memes and share them periodically to see if you can get a bump in likes, comments and shares (or retweets!).

Link to Useful Content: Share links to your own content and other people’s content that addresses your prospect’s most pressing problems. You’ll be seen as a great resource and it will allow you to build relationships with other bloggers and content creators.

Mention Thought Leaders in Your Industry: Have you heard a great speaker at an industry conference? Share what you learned from them on social media, tag them, and remember to include the conference hashtag. Giving a shout-out helps you build a strong network of contacts while adding value to your audience.

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