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How Home Builders Can Use Pinterest

July 9, 2014

18269536_SWhen it comes to social networking sites, Pinterest has the most potential to generate leads for home builders. Why? It’s a visual medium and extremely popular with women.

These stats from Omnicore tell the story:

• 85% of Pinterest users are women
• 77% of Pinterest users are between the ages of 18-54 (a builder’s target market)
• 87% of U.S. women online trust Pinterest as a reliable source of information and advice

There is a strategy to using Pinterest. You can’t just pin up a few pictures of your new homes and hope the phone will ring. Here are some guidelines for using this social networking site to market your new homes effectively.

Create Detailed Pin Descriptions – Include terms that people are searching for on Pinterest in your pin descriptions to increase your pins’ visibility. For example, include your community name, city, region and state in the description.

Create Design Boards – Create boards that illustrate beautiful interior design. This type of pin is extremely popular, and you’ll likely get a lot of repins if the images are attractive. Sort your photos into specific boards, like “beautiful porches,” “modern kitchens,” etc. This will enable you to reach specific audiences who will follow a board that consistently pins things they love.

Create Lifestyle Boards – Give your prospects a glimpse at what living in a particular home or community will be like. Curate photos that tell this story. If you’re targeting young families, for example, create a board that shows what it’s like to be a kid in your neighborhood.

Create Neighborhood Boards – Pin pictures of local restaurants, parks and other amenities that are located near your new home communities.

Create a DIY Board – It may seem counter-intuitive for a home builder to offer do-it-yourself suggestions, but the pictures will attract visitors to your boards, and encourage them to come back for further instruction.

Optimize Your Photos – When you upload your own photos to Pinterest, make sure you include an alt tag in the photo’s metadata that accurately describes what the photo includes. This will insure that search engines find your photographs.

Pin Blog Posts – Create pinnable images to go with your blog articles, and then pin them to your boards. When someone clicks on the pin, they will be able to go directly to your website.

Pin Often & Engage Pinners – Pin a few photos every day, since most recent photos show up at the top of the page. But don’t overdo it. If you upload ten photos at once, you will clog up the feed, and risk being seen as a spammer. Like and comment on other people’s pins since that will drive traffic back to your Pinterest page, and your website.

Do you have any additional tips for using Pinterest to benefit a new home builder? Share them in the comments section below.

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